Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack of Tongji University Reaches 125KW

September 09, 2019

The New Energy Vehicle Engineering Center of Tongji university produced a single stack of metal plate fuel cells, which was measured in a third-party vehicle factory and reached a maximum sustained power of 125KW, exceeding the design target of 115KW. The test site of single stack and its modules is shown in figs. 1a and 1b.

a. Single stack of cells

b. Single stack modules

Fig. 1. Metal plate fuel cell stack at test site

The reactor consists of 370 single cells, in which the catalyst, MEA and metal plates are all independently developed. The measured power curve is shown in Fig. 2. The maximum continuous output power density reaches 3.2KW/L (including bare stacks of end plates and fasteners), and the peak maximum current density exceeds 2A/cm2.

This project has been supported by National Key Special Projects on Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Energy (2018YFB1502500) and National Special Projects on New Energy Vehicles (2016YFB0101320), and has received financial support from major automakers such as China Motor, Weichai Motor and Dongfeng Motor.Henan Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd also provided generous support in the development and pilot test of stacks. Results provide useful samples for the research on the design method of working condition performance and durability, system efficiency matching and state certification of high-power stacks as shown below.