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Research Institute of Modern Agricultural Science and Engineering

August 15, 2014
The Research Institute of Modern Agricultural Science and Engineering was established in October 2000. It focuses its research on agricultural facilities and environment. The Institute also conducts research and development of the fundamental applicable theories and technology in the fields of ecological zone, township planning and construction, agriculture information, and agricultural materials.

The director of the Institute, under the leadership of the Academic Committee, is responsible for all work at the institute. There are several chief scientists who are in charge of different research centers The Institute has an excellent team of experts, who are enthusiastic about scientific research and about industrialization in modern agricultural science and engineering; among them four are Chinese academicians, forty are full professors, and twenty are postgraduate supervisors.

The Institute exercises an open operational mode where full-time researchers and their postgraduate students take the lead to research projects in collaboration with experts in and out of Tongji University. The Institute also takes the "On-line research Cooperation Center for Facility Agriculture of the State Ministry of Education as a platform to attract scholars both from home and abroad to bring their research projects to the Institute for cooperative research. The Institute stresses technology transfer and cooperation with enterprises.