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German Academic Center

August 15, 2014
The German Academic Center was established in May 2001. It is a governing organization responsible for collecting data, coordinating cooperation and providing project counseling. The Center takes advantage of the traditional links between Tongji University and Germany in promoting the academic exchanges and research cooperation between China and Germany. It is actively involved in providing Tongji University with support for their academic studies related to Germany, in organizing German language training at various levels, in establishing links with organizations and individuals doing German studies, and in participating in Germany-focused social activities.

Presently, the Center is working on two joint programs in coordination with related colleges and departments. One of them is the DSH language-training Program between Tongji University and Hessen University of Germany. This program recruits students from Tongji University who are interested in studying in Germany to prepare them for the DSH examination, a German entrance examination required by universities in Germany for non-native German speakers. Every year examiners from Hessen University come to Tongji University to supervise the examination. The other program is a student exchange program between Tongji University and Hannover University of Germany. According to the agreement between the two universities, a number of students will state to do their Master degree courses at Hannover University upon successful completion of their Bachelor's degree courses at Tonal University.

The Department of Germany, German School and the Institute of German Studies are affiliated to the German Academic Center.