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Engineering Research Center of Road Traffic Safety and Environment of Ministry of Education holds its 2020 Annual Technical Committee Meeting

College of Transportation Engineering
March 11, 2021

Recently, the 2020 Annual Technical Committee Meeting of Engineering Research Center of Road Traffic Safety and Environment, Ministry of Education (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”), was held online and offline simultaneously. Present at the meeting were: Prof. FANG Shouen, also Tongji’s Party Secretary and Director of the Center, as well as other committee members of Tongji University. Prof. YANG Dongyuan, Prof. SUN Lijun and Prof. LING Jianming, and ten external committee members: Academician YAN Xinping, Researcher WANG Changjun, Prof. WANG Yunpeng, Prof. WANG Wei, Prof. GUAN Jizhen, Prof. MA Lin, Prof. WANG Xiaojing, Prof. WEN Xuejun, Prof. JIANG Tingshun and Prof. WEI Lang also attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by WANG Changjun, Director of the Technical Committee and Director of the Research Center of Road Traffic Safety, Ministry of Public Security. Vice President TONG Xiaohua, heads of Tongji’s Office of Research Administration and College of Transportation Engineering, and the Center’s teacher representatives also attended the meeting.

Online meeting

Vice President TONG said in his speech that, as an essential base for national technology innovation and high-tech transformation, the Center has shown solid momentum in technology research and development (R&D) and engineering application. It has also undertaken a raft of major national projects in science, technology and engineering, participated in setting out a number of critical national industrial technical standards, and effectively promoted the advantages of research-enterprise cooperation.

At the meeting, the Center’s Secretary-General reported on the Center’s main achievements. He described typical engineering projects and services provided to industry, as well as supporting actions in discipline development and talent training in 2020. He also outlined the blueprint for the next stage of development.

After listening to the report, the members agreed that the Center’s work in 2020 had achieved remarkable results, notably in five key achievements, namely, a) road traffic planning, design and evaluation; b) road traffic accident prevention and early warning based on human-vehicle-road coupling; c) road infrastructure construction and high-efficiency materials for a green ecological environment; d) intelligent safety operation decision-making support and management technology; e) vehicle-road coordination theory and intelligent network test. At the same time, the Center has made significant achievements in team building, discipline development, talent training and dissemination of information, which have all contributed to the future advancement of this emerging sector’s influence, notably by promoting new, related industries in road traffic safety and environmental improvement in China. The committee members also suggested that the Center should a) adhere to its basic characteristics; b) further focus on national strategic needs; c) expand the industrial and engineering application of its achievements (such as vehicle-road coordination and highway digitalization); d) enhance research and development (R&D) as well as the promotion and application of technologies in the green and intelligent fields; e) strengthen talent training; f) seize the opportunity to build the National Center of Technology Innovation; and, g) expedite the development of the National Centre of Technology Innovation to become a national innovation platform.

FANG Shouen said in his concluding speech that the Center should a) fully digest and absorb the guidance and suggestions of the committee members; b) base itself on the overall interests of the work of the entire Party and the whole country; c) closely focus on the national strategic needs such as the Program of Building National Strength in Transportation and the 14th Five-Year Plan; d) adhere to the concept of “reducing traffic accident casualties and providing green and convenient services”; e) benchmark the construction requirements of a national technological innovation platform; f) pay attention to solving practical problems; g) strengthen technical research and transformation of achievements in key areas; h) provide strong support for accelerating the construction of a strong transportation country and developing a modern, high-quality and comprehensive national transport network.

Offline meeting

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1003/76775.htm