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Tongji offers a general education course The Interpretation of the Belt and Road Cultural Classics for the first time

The University News Center
March 3, 2021

During the new semester Tongji is offering, for the first time to all undergraduates (Chinese and international students), a general education course on humanities and aesthetics entitled "The Interpretation of the Belt and Road Cultural Classics". The course is delivered from 19:00 to 20:35 on Friday.

Led by the Dean of the International School SUN Yixue, with a course team of teachers including CAI Lin, CHEN Yili, CHENG Yu, SONG Lilei and YE Lan, the course aims to provide students with a basic understanding and grasp of the of the "Belt and Road" Initiative. It will achieve this through an appreciation and interpretation of the languages and cultures of countries along the Belt and Road, thus broadening students' international vision and cross-cultural communication skills. During the course Tongji experts will explain, in a simple but profound way, the history, present and future of the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the skills and methods of humanities communication between Chinese and foreign countries, while overseas scholars will explain the languages and cultures of the countries along the Belt and Road. The course consists of 16 lectures, 10 of which are about the interpretation of national languages and cultures of 10 countries: UK, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Singapore, India, Egypt and other countries.


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Professor SUN Yixue remarked that the Belt and Road Initiative has become a concrete expression of China's contribution to Chinese wisdom in global governance. The Belt and Road culture will become a classic of an important contributor to world culture. In recent years, the International School of Tongji University has focused on the language and cultural exchanges of the Belt and Road and carried out major contributions with Tongji characteristics to student training, theoretical research and cultural cooperation between China and foreign countries. It has built up a profound theoretical foundation and rich practical experience, which provide abundant domestic and international resources for the course, helping to promote it as an important platform for cultivating the humanistic spirit and international vision of college students. This general course is for the first time offered in this semester, representing a further venture to strengthen cross-cultural communication and cooperation. Undergraduate students are welcome to actively take this course.


Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1003/76694.htm