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Tongji University's 29 courses are selected as Shanghai First-class Undergraduate HEI Courses

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February 24, 2021

Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announced the 2020 list of Shanghai First-class Undergraduate Higher Education Institution Courses last week, among which were Tongji University's 29 undergraduate courses including 3 online courses, 9 offline courses, 5 online and offline integrated courses, 9 virtual simulation experiment courses, 2 social practice courses and 1 demonstration course which is taught in English.

The three online courses are: "C/C++Programming" headed by GAO Mei, "Automobile Configuration" headed by LI Liguang and "Understanding the Password of China's Economic Development – Study on Xi Jinping's Economic Thought" headed by SHI Jianxun.

The nine offline courses are: "Water Quality Engineering" headed by DENG Huiping, "Historical Environment Record" headed by LI Zhen, "Automotive Theory" headed by WU Guangqiang, "Mechanical Drawing" headed by BU Wanghui, "Circuit Theory" headed by ZHU Qinyue, "Mathematical Analysis" headed by PAN Shengliang, "Testing Technology of Materials" headed by GUO Xiaolu, "Introduction to China's International Strategy" headed by MEN Honghua and "Engineering Ethics" headed by GU Xianglin.

The five online and offline blended learning courses are: "Musculoskeletal & Rheumatology" headed by CHENG Liming, "Epidemiology" headed by ZHANG Lijuan, "Marketing Management" headed by XIONG Guoyue, "Operations Management" headed by QIU Canhua and "Introduction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship" headed by WANG Bin.

The nine virtual simulation experiment courses are: "Curie's Experiments for Measuring Radiation Intensity of Radioactive Materials" headed by YANG Yaping, "Traffic Performance Simulation Experiment of Virtual Residential Area" headed by TANG Yuqing, "The Virtual Simulation Experiment of Seafloor Scientific Observation Network Construction" headed by YANG Qunhui, GAO Hang, "The Virtual Simulation Experiment of Integrated Geophysics on Seafloor Plate Tectonics" headed by YU Peng, "Virtual Experiment of Vibration Modal Analysis Based on Digital Twin Strategy" headed by SONG Hanwen, "Virtual Simulation Experiment of Computer Input/Output Channel" headed by ZHANG Dongdong, "Virtual Simulation Experiment of Wave Motion Characteristics" headed by FU Xiaoli, "Task-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI virtual simulation experiment" headed by XU Zhiyu and "Digital Shadow Puppet Animation Simulation Experiment" headed by YOU Fang.

The two social practice courses are: "Rural Survey" headed by LUAN Feng and Graduation Design Social Practice headed by CAI Yongjie.

The one demonstration course delivered in English is "Principles of Communication Systems" headed by WANG Chao.

A total of 367 courses were selected as 2020 Shanghai First-class Undergraduate HEI courses by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. Among them, there are 27 high-quality online courses, 112 offline courses, 101 online and offline blended courses, 85 virtual simulation experiment courses, 21 social practice courses and 21 demonstration courses which are delivered in English.

On November 30, 2020, the Ministry of Education issued the First Batch of National First-class Undergraduate HEI Courses and 54 courses of Tongji University were on the list.

Tongji University has been committed to teaching quality improvement by transferring teaching reform results to "course refinement" in accordance with the initiatives proposed by the National Working Conference on Undergraduate Education for the New Era. Low-quality courses were gradually replaced by courses of excellence through reforming the type and diversity of teaching content and curriculum. According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education for the improvement of first-class undergraduate courses, the Freshmen's College has formulated the "2020-2022 Plan for Building the First-class Undergraduate Course System of Tongji University" based upon talent cultivation goal of Tongji University. The plan aims at establishing a total of 700 first-class undergraduate courses step by step in 3 years to achieve a unique first-class undergraduate course system with Tongji characteristics.

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1003/76639.htm