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Tongji University holds the 2021 NSFC grant application mobilization meeting

Office of Research Administration
January 28, 2021

Tongji University launched the 2021 National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Grant Application Mobilization Meeting on January 21 with the aim of further encouraging and motivating the faculty to devote itself to basic research, boldly undertake both basic and innovative research, and play a greater role in promoting original and key core technology research. The meeting was chaired by Vice President TONG Xiaohua and attended by President CHEN Jie who delivered a mobilization speech and Vice President GU Xianglin who introduced the work plan for 2021. The mobilization meeting was held online and offline, and was attended by an audience of more than 1,000 people, including party and government leaders, research leaders, teachers, full-time researchers, postdoctoral researchers and research secretaries from all colleges and affiliated hospitals.

CHEN Jie, from the perspective of the importance and strategic role of basic research, presented a report entitled "Strengthening strategic positioning, focusing on cross-integration, encouraging dedicated research, and promoting high-quality development", in which he summarized the encouraging results of the NSFC grant application achieved by Tongji in 2020. He pointed out the problems and challenges faced by basic research, and put forward four requirements and directions for future efforts: first, to strengthen strategic positioning and grasp the contemporary connotation of basic research; second, to focus on cross-integration and promote leapfrog development among disciplines; third, to encourage dedicated research and catalyze major scientific and technological breakthroughs; and fourth, to put the "Four Ones" strategy into practice and facilitate high-quality scientific and technological innovation. Besides, CHEN Jie pointed out that we should strengthen the frontier of research among basic disciplines on the basis of Tongji characteristics, and study scientific problems extracted from engineering projects and major national needs. Furthermore we should seize opportunities emerging in scientific paradigm change, promote and encourage cross-integration of disciplines, both internally and externally, so as to empower and enhance the traditional disciplines.  In addition, we should take the initiative to conduct original innovation from 0 to 1, venture into the "uncharted territories" of innovation, and strive to build a cultural climate and set of values that respect science, seek truth, and strive for excellence. Finally, we should focus on the vision and goal of "Forging ahead with the motherland, helping the world with science and education and building a world-class university with Chinese characteristics". This would carry forward the scientific spirit under "patriotism, innovation, pragmatism, dedication, collaboration and education", and adhere to high-quality scientific and technological innovation to build up an effective research team.

CHEN Jie making a report

GU Xianglin made a summary of the achievements of NSFC during the 13th Five-Year Plan period with emphasis on the important role of scientific research in talent cultivation, and focusing on the application and approval of the NSFC grant in 2020. He put forward the requirements and deployment of the NSFC Grant application work in 2021 through big data analysis and accurate mapping, and called on all to fully understand the importance of NSFC for basic research, plan ahead and organize carefully to improve the overall quality of the application work. 

GU Xianglin delivering a speech

DONG Xiaohua chairing the meeting

The relevant person in charge of the Office of Research Administration gave an overall introduction of NSFC grants in 2020, explaining in detail the new initiatives and policies of relevant reforms in 2021 and made specific arrangements for Tongji’s grant application work and timeline for 2021.

Audience at the 2021 NSFC Grant Application Mobilization Meeting

To ensure the NSFC grant application organization work is carried out in an orderly manner in 2021, the Office of Research Administration has invited nine experienced experts from Tongji to conduct pre-counseling for seven categories of grant applications from January 5 to 8. A total of around 2,700 people have attended the online and offline training. The Office of Research Administration will continue to regularly provide services related to NSFC grant application for all colleges.

Photos by ZHOU You

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/76495.htm