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Shanghai Vice Mayor CHEN Qun Conduts a Field Visit to Tongji University

The University News Center
February 2, 2021

On the morning of January 28, Shanghai Vice Mayor CHEN Qun, accompanied by NI Minjing, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, paid a visit to the Siping Campus of Tongji University to conduct field research and guide the school’s epidemic prevention and control work. During the visit, CHEN Qun met with some of the students staying in school during the winter vacation. Tongji Party Secretary FANG Shouen, President CHEN Jie, Vice President LV Peiming, Vice President LEI Xinghui, Deputy Party Secretary PENG Zhenwei, Vice President HUANG Xiangfeng and other university leaders participated in the research activities. 

CHEN Qun and his entourage first arrived at the student community in the Third Northwest Dorm Building at around 9.30 a.m. and visited the students remaining on campus to learn about the school's arrangements for their winter vacation. After that, CHEN Qun and his entourage visited the Xueyuan Canteen to find out about the catering arrangements made for students staying on campus.


CHEN Qun visiting the student community

CHEN Qun visiting Xueyuan Canteen

Subsequently, a research symposium was held, in which LV Peiming reported on Tongji's epidemic prevention and control work covering four aspects: regular prevention, staying and returning to school, emergency response, and working arrangements.

LV Peiming reporting on Tongji’s epidemic prevention and control work

In his speech, CHEN Qun said that in order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, people in Shanghai are advised not to leave Shanghai unless necessary and are encouraged to stay in the city during the upcoming Spring Festival. The number of college students staying in Shanghai has increased significantly this year compared with previous years. It is hoped that Tongji will continue to strictly implement regular epidemic prevention and control measures without relaxation, and diligently carry out management work and provide services for students staying in Shanghai for the winter vacation so as to ensure they will have a fulfilling and enjoyable Spring Festival.


According to statistics, there are about 3,000 college students in Shanghai who choose to stay in school for this year’s winter vacation. For students remaining on campus during this time, Tongji adheres to the guidelines of "Strict epidemic prevention and control without relaxation, continuous education and guidance, full coverage and guarantee of service rendering". In addition, nearly 100 cultural activities at school and college levels will be held in strict compliance with the epidemic prevention and control guidance and with personnel on duty to organize all activities so that students remaining on campus have a greater sense of security, belonging and well-being Moreover, Tongji has earmarked funds this year for student care, one part of which is used to subsidize students’ travel expenses for this winter vacation, and the other for festival activities including New Year's gift packs, New Year's Eve dinner vouchers, meal vouchers for seven days from New Year's Eve to Lunar January 6 and New Year's support money for students in need.

 CHEN Qun and his entourage visiting students remaining on campus during this winter vocation 

Officials from relevant departments of the General Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the Municipal Education Commission as well as leaders from departments of Tongji such as the Office of Tongji CPC Committee, Tongji President's Office, the Undergraduate School, the Graduate School, Human Resource Department, Assets and Laboratory Management Office, Department of Safety and Security, Logistics Group and the University Hospital all attended the research symposium.


Written by the News Center

Photos by JIANG Ping

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/76535.htm