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Ministry of Education appoints new leadership members of Tongji University

The University News Center
January 29, 2021

On the morning of January 21, Tongji University held a meeting with administrative staff and teachers. The University Party Secretary FANG Shouen announced the Ministry of Education’s decision on the appointment of vice presidents of Tongji’s administrative leadership along with the vice Party secretaries of the University Party Committee. President CHEN Jie presided over the meeting. Members of the university leadership team, members of the University Party Committee and Central Disciplinary Inspection Committee, heads of administrative offices, professors, and leaders of other parties attended the meeting.

FANG Shouen speaks at the meeting 

CHEN Jie presides over the meeting 

According to the spirit of the Ministry of Education’s relevant documents, FENG Shenhong was appointed as the executive deputy secretary of the CPC Tongji University Committee, and PENG Zhenwei was appointed as vice secretary of the CPC Tongji University Committee. LV Peiming was appointed as the executive vice president of Tongji University and TONG Xiaohua, HUANG Xiangfeng and LOU Yongqi as the vice presidents of Tongji University. The four former University leaders WU Jiang, JIANG Changjun, WU Zhiqiang, XU Jianping came to the end of their term due to their retirement. 

The four former leaders who withdrew from the university leadership positions and the six leaders who were to take office made their statements respectively. On behalf of the University, FANG Shouen and President CHEN Jie presented the former leaders with an album recording their work for Tongji.

FANG Shouen said that the Ministry of Education’s decision on the appointment and removal of Tongji’s administrative and Party leadership positions was made by the Ministry of Education Party Group and the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee following their full consideration of Tongji’s leadership team building in strict accordance with the procedures of leadership selection and appointment, which showed the importance and support given to Tongji by the Ministry of Education and the local government.

FANG Shouen expressed his high respect and heartfelt thanks to the four former leaders WU Jiang, JIANG Changjun, WU Zhiqiang and XU Jianping for their dedication and important contributions to the university. He hoped that they would continue to care about the university’s cause and provide their valuable wisdom and experience to Tongji after their withdrawing from the leadership positions. He wished that the six newly appointed leaders FENG Shenhong, LV Peiming, PENG Zhenwei, TONG Xiaohua, HUANG Xiangfeng and LOU Yongqi will live up to the trust of the Ministry of Education Party Group and the expectations of teachers and students. He also wished them to adapt to their new roles, work closely with other team members, and work together and forge ahead with all teachers and students to promote the university’s cause and achieve greater development. He believed that all staff and faculty members will support the decision of the Ministry of Education Party Group and help the new leadership team with actions. He called upon all Tongji people to make concerted efforts to build Tongji into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC with outstanding achievements.

FANG Shouen proposed the following for the work of the university: first, to adhere to the Party’s overall leadership over higher education institutions and run a university with Chinese characteristics; second, to take the 14th Five-Year Plan formulation as an opportunity to promote the modernization of the university management system and capacity; third, to stay in the new normal of prevention and control of the pandemic, and do the work at the end of the term and during the winter vacation in an orderly manner.

CHEN Jie presided over the meeting and reminded people of the work related to the upcoming winter vacation: first, to continue to follow the pandemic prevention and control; second, to work on shift during the winter vacation and to ensure that all work is carried out orderly and the responsibility is placed properly on relevant people; third, to follow closely the pandemic development and make preparations for the start of next semester in accordance with the arrangement of the Ministry of Education and the university; fourth, to make a good year plan based upon the 14th Five-Year Plan to ensure a good start for the new year. Now that Tongji’s new administrative and Party leadership teams are in place, he hoped that teachers and students will support and help the new leadership and make unremitting efforts to build Tongji University into a world class university with Chinese characteristics.

After the meeting, FANG Shouen and CHEN Jie talked with the newly appointed team members and shared views on enhancing their overall capacity and performing their duties.

The new leadership team


Photograph by JIANG Ping

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/76475.htm