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University leaders talk with top young talent

The University News Center;Student Department
January 24, 2021

On the morning of January 4, the University held a seminar for top young talent. President CHEN Jie, Vice President LV Peiming, assistant presidents TONG Xiaohua and LIU Run attended the seminar to exchange ideas with 12 top young talent representatives from various schools and colleges to understand their current practical needs and listen to their opinions and suggestions on relevant work carried out by the University.  Present at the seminar were heads of administrative departments, including the Personnel Department (Talent Office), Research Administration Office, Humanities and Social Science Information Network, Undergraduate School, Graduate School, and Assets and Laboratory Management Office. LV Peiming presided over the seminar. 


Seminar for top young talent

The top young talent spoke one after another, expressing their heartfelt thanks to the University and schools and colleges for their care, support and help in their career development, and presenting suggestions on the University’s talent capacity building, discipline construction, postgraduate cultivation, interdisciplinary support, team building; and transfer of scientific research results. 


A top young talent making his suggestions 

CHEN Jie listened carefully and responded to the problems that were highlighted by the young talent. According to CHEN Jie, talent is the first resource, and the University attaches great importance to the cultivation of talent, especially top talent. Top talent can play a leading role, inspire teachers and students around them, and improve the University’s culture and innovative environment. We need to have the wisdom of judging talent, empathy for talent, the courage of using talent, the motivation for attracting talent, and a clear strategy for gathering and nurturing talent. We shall try to attract talent with different platforms for their career development, keep them with incentives and touch them with love. The University should establish and improve mechanisms for the healthy growth of talent. The Talent Office should bring together relevant departments to create a home for top talent. The deans of each school/college should create a favorable environment to nurture talent and encourage talented students to stand out and exceed their expectations. He also put forward suggestions on how top young talents can achieve further growth: to better understand the national development strategy and national talent development channels, to have broad-mindedness and generosity, elegant academic pursuit and noble values, to be good at forming teams that combine various age groups (old, middle-aged and young people including students), and to participate in academic activities in their own specific fields as well as in interdisciplinary fields, and strive to improve their academic influence. 


CHEN Jie responds to students’ concerns 

At noon, CHEN Jie presided over a meeting to talk and carry out exchanges with student representatives from ten schools and colleges. LIU Run and head of the Student Department attended the meeting. 

Meeting with student representatives

Student representatives spoke one after another, making proposals on the University’s disciplinary structure, the design of Party and Communist Youth League activities, the improvement of students’ humanistic qualities, the guidance towards students’ employment, mental health welfare, cultivation of newly arrived students in Freshmen’s College, management services for ethnic minority students, the construction of university infrastructure and campuses.


 Student making proposals to the President 

CHEN Jie exchanged his ideas with students and advised that the University would strive to make improvements in the future following the comments and suggestions made. According to CHEN, a University should be a home where young students who are active in vigorous thoughts and ideas can flourish. He encouraged the students to shoulder the mission entrusted by the times, become the leaders of students’ ideological improvement, role models of students’ academic progress, and evolve into people of tremendous promise to serve the nation and society. 


CHEN Jie delivering a concluding remark



Written by the University News Center, Student Department

Photo by JIANG Ping, ZHOU You


Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/76299.htm