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Tongji University unveils Sino-Italian Center on Administration of Justice

School of Law; Sino-Italian Campus
January 6, 2021

December 18 witnessed the unveiling ceremony of the Sino-Italian Center on Administration of Justice jointly established by Tongji University’s School of Law and the Sino-Italian Campus and with the University of Pisa as its partner. The Sino-Italian judicial report meeting was held at the same time. Vice President GU Xianglin and former Vice Italian Minister of Economic Development Michele Geraci inaugurated the Center. Present at the inauguration ceremony were: Lawyer Hermes Pazzaglini, Negri Clementi Toffoletto Montironi & Soci Shanghai Representative Office (Italy); Lawyer Carlo D’Andrea, Studio Legale D’Andrea Shanghai Representative Office (Italy); directors of Tongji’s School of Law, the Sino-Italian Campus, and the International Exchange and Cooperation Office; representatives of teachers and students; and University of Pisa Vice President Michela Passalacqua (online).


GU Xianglin and Michele Geraci inaugurates the Center


Sino-Italian judicial report meeting

According to GU Xianglin, the Sino-Italian Center on Administration of Justice establishes a new stage in the Sino-Italian cooperation process of Tongji University. He hoped that the Center would become a platform for disseminating the rule of law, an exchange platform for the rule of law talents, and a research platform for the rule of law projects. Tongji’s School of Law Director introduced the background and vision of the Center. He said that the Center’s establishment is of great significance to the judicial system’s research and the legal profession. He expected that the Center would serve as a platform for China and Italy to explore projects that will help students from both countries practice and learn in the future. The two sides also exchanged and shared experiences on the ongoing judicial reform and constructing a country ruled by law.

Vice President Passalacqua sent her congratulations online, saying that this event is of great significance for teaching and research activities, talent training, and further exchange and cooperation between the two universities. The University of Pisa’ School of Law (Giurisprudenza) Director said they attach great importance to the cultivation of international legal talents and hope that the Center’s establishment will promote further cooperation and exchange between the two sides.


Vice President Passalacqua sends her congratulations online

Geraci expressed his gratitude to the Chinese side for making this cooperation possible. According to Geraci, this cooperation based on knowledge and academic exchange will help promote exchanges and eliminate misunderstandings. He hoped that the two sides would uphold the concept of “working together” to reach consensus in more areas. Hermes Pazzaglini and Carlo D’Andrea, two lawyers who have been practicing in Shanghai for a long time, expressed their efforts to promote and support the cooperation between China and Italy and between Tongji University and the University of Pisa in senior ranking personnel training and research.


Speech by Michele Geraci

After the ceremony, Tongji University’s School of Law Dean JIANG Huiling and University of Pisa’s counterpart Francesco Dal Canto gave presentations on the historical origin and latest judicial systems development. To promote the modernization of the rule of law in China as the mainline, Prof. JIANG Huiling introduced the Chinese law court’s organizational structure, judicial reform, non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism, and judicial assistance improvement, and discussed with the participants. From a historical perspective, Prof. Francesco Dal Canto introduced several stages of the Italian judicial system development, its main features, and the High Council of Justice reform, which has received close social attention.

Group photo of leaders and experts

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/76203.htm