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School of Foreign Languages “Hand-in-Hand” Volunteer Project wins two national awards

January 1, 2021

Recently, at the Fifth China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition that was co-organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Central Civilization Office, the Ministries of Civil Affairs, Water Resources, and Culture and Tourism, the National Health Commission, the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, and the provincial and municipal Party committees and governments, the final results were announced. The Tongji School of Foreign Languages “Hand-in-Hand” Volunteer Project won the National Silver Award. At the same time, the Project also won the Gold Medal of the Second "Dedication Cup" in the Shanghai Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition of "Youth Influence on Society."

"Hand in Hand" Love and Disability Volunteer Project Video

After four months of guidance and cultivation from the School of Foreign Languages Youth League Committee, a team composed of young teachers and students went through initial application document selection, on-site defense of the regional competition, and video broadcasts of the national competition and eventually stood out and won the honor.

Participating teachers and students 

Almost 20 years have passed since the Tongji University School of Foreign Languages’ "Hand in Hand" Volunteer Project for the Disabled was launched. In 2001, the School signed an agreement with the Yangpu District Disabled Persons’ Federation to establish a “hand in hand” volunteer service activity base for the disabled. The activity adheres to the new concept of “cultural assistance to the disabled,” takes advantage of the academic strengths of the School, takes voluntary tutoring for children of the disabled as the core, and carries out social practice activities in various forms such as seminars, summer practices, charity sales, and cultural promotion. The tutoring has been upgraded to a full range of quality development, encouraging students to learn from passively accepting knowledge to acquiring skills actively. In the past 20 years, more than 800 people from the School have provided more than 8,000 services with more than 16,000 hours of service, benefiting nearly 1,000 families.

Signing the “Hand in Hand” Volunteer Project for the Handicapped Agreement

With the development of society, this charitable project is innovating and transforming constantly, realizing the transformation from home to outdoor, from small teams to decentralized, systematized, institutionalized, and large-scale services. Although affected by the pandemic this year, volunteers have overcome many difficulties and become online anchors insisting on providing online tutoring for children of disabled families.

The project team provides online tutoring for children of disabled families

For a long time, the volunteer service work of the School of Foreign Languages has been based on the basic task of establishing morality and people.” They pay attention to the radiation effect of the “Model Branch of National Party Building Work” to form a volunteer service atmosphere of “Party members leading, league members taking the lead, and the youth vying for the first,” and voluntary service of “Party branch-Youth League branch-class-volunteer service team." The matrix, the activity organization model combining "normal service" and "temporary recruitment," and the volunteer service feature that combines "discipline-fitting" and "targeting needs" have achieved good social response and practical results.

Volunteering in action

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/76233.htm