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2021 Tongji University New Year Message:Sailing Together to Meet Challenges and Open New Chapter

Tongji University
December 31, 2020

Party Secretary Fang Shouen, President Chen Jie 

When frosts fade away, harmony is accumulating. On behalf of Tongji University, we would like to extend our festive greetings and New Year wishes to all students, teachers, staff, retired Tongji people, and alumni from home and abroad, and to all those who care about and support the development of Tongji University. 

In the past year, the University insisted on taking Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress as its guide, and thoroughly implemented the spirit of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee. We persisted in leading the construction of a first-class university with first-class party construction, coordinated regular pandemic prevention and control and reform and development. We succeeded in becoming a national model university for party construction work with high quality, and continuously promoted the modernization of governance system and capacity. We also realized the first round of "double first-class" construction comprehensively, mapped out the 14th Five-Year Plan, and made steady progress towards the journey of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. 

In this year, the University insisted on nurturing people for the Party, and cultivating talents for the country while implementing the fundamental task of developing virtues in people, and focusing on cultivating new people of the times to take the great responsibility of national rejuvenation. The pioneering "three comprehensive education" reform was pushed further, and colleges/schools highlighted “educating people with virtues" in harmony by taking coordinated measures. The University continued to comprehensively promote the coordinated undergraduate talent cultivation mechanism of Broad Base Enrollment, Broad Base Teaching and Broad Base Management, and the new model of high-level graduate education through undergraduate-graduate integration, which brought about effective results in the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents. Tongji students won numerous gold and silver medals in academic competitions, cultural and sports events, and entrepreneurial competitions. In this year, the University took the effectiveness of moral education as the fundamental standards, deepened the reform of talent work system and mechanism, and constructed a first-class personnel and talent work system. We formed a long-term appointment system with Tongji characteristics and a dual-channel promotion system. The rapid growth of high-end talent teams, especially the construction of young talent teams, made new breakthroughs, and the construction of the faculty teams achieved remarkable results. 

In this year, the University made great efforts to promote the high-quality development of scientific research, and basic research and original innovation were further improved. A total of 577 National Science Foundation projects were approved, a year-on-year growth of 11.8%; two NSF basic science research centers were approved, achieving a breakthrough. With the strengthening of organized scientific research, the core technology research and supply have been significantly enhanced. A total of 20 projects of national key R&D program have been approved, with a year-on-year increase of 25%, taking the lead among universities in China. We made high-level scientific research achievements and won 5 national science and technology awards, and headed 16 projects which won first places of provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. The construction of major scientific research infrastructures and scientific research platforms, such as National Undersea Scientific Observation Network, Shanghai Science Center for Autonomous Intelligent Unmanned Systems and National Stem Cell Transformation Resource Bank, is progressing smoothly. The social science research have been further improved, bringing about a number of high-quality humanities and social science research results, and the construction of think tanks has reached a new high. 

This year, the University took the initiative to serve the major needs of the country and the region, and continued its practice of write research papers on the motherland. The 600 km/h magnetic levitation test prototype was test run at Tongji Jiading Campus, and the aerospace mapping and remote sensing and deep space exploration research team provided important scientific and technological support for the Chang'e 5 lunar soft landing on the moon hovering and obstacle avoidance. In the fight against COVID-19, 165 medical staff from Tongji hospitals went to Wuhan for support, and teachers and students of relevant majors carried out emergency scientific and technological research on pandemic prevention and control, and made important achievements in the research of pathogenic mechanism, vaccine development, stem cell-assisted treatment, intelligent identification of pandemic prevention and control, and research and development of intelligent system for students to return to the University, thus becoming an important force of science and technology against pandemic. The university has successfully eradicated the extreme poverty of Yunlong County, setting a "college example" of poverty alleviation in western Yunnan. Teachers and students actively practiced the concept of building a "people's city by and for the people ", and help Shanghai build into a modern socialist metropolis with academic advantages. In this year, the University expanded its international cooperation, with enhanced Sino-German and Sino-European cooperation, and cooperation with world-class universities and academic institutions developed further, and the international reputation and influence of the University increased significantly. 

In this year, the University was awarded the "National Model Campus" and YAO Qiming was awarded the title of national "Model Worker". The University used patriotic education to lead teachers and students to practice the core socialist values, touched their hearts with Chinese traditional culture, and promoted the transmission of the red gene in a youth-friendly way through new media. The University actively promoted the "livelihood project" to serve teachers and students, added lung CT examination to the health check-up list of teachers and staff, and further strengthened the inpatient medical protection for teachers and staff. We establishes Tongji Jiading Basic Education Group, completed the second phase of campus lighting renovation project, and continuously deepened the construction of smart campus, warm campus, safe campus and beautiful campus to improve the happiness and sense of achievement of teachers and students. 

The year 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party and the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. It is also a year of rising domestic and international risks and challenges in the context of normalized pandemic prevention and control. In this important historical period of accelerated evolution of world changes, we should unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade XI Jinping at the core, and remember General Secretary Xi Jinping's advice of "cultivating opportunities in crises and opening up a new situation in changes", keeping in mind our original intention and mission, breaking the waves against the wind, sailing with courage and perseverance, and making efforts to gather the wisdom and strength of all Tongji people. We will strive to deliver satisfactory answers to the Party, the country and the people, and make greater contributions to the development of the country, the happiness of the people and the progress of human civilization, so as to dedicate ourselves to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with more outstanding achievements. 

We wish our great motherland prosperity and happiness to all the people! Happy New Year to all Tongji people!