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Six Tongji projects awarded with "Innovative Medical Service Brand" and five "Innovative Medical Service Project in Aid of Hubei Pandemic" by Shanghai Municipal Health System

School of Medicine
December 23, 2020

On December 14, Shanghai Municipal Health System announced the fourth batch of “Innovative Medical Service Brands” and “Innovative Medical Service Projects in Aid of Hubei Pandemic” in the fight against pandemic. Six Tongji projects were awarded with "Innovative Medical Service Brands", and five "Innovative Medical Service Projects in Aid of Hubei Pandemic".

Centered on the concepts of "life first, people first" and “what people care about and expect most when they see a doctor,” the system’s selection for the fourth batch of "Innovative Medical Service Brands” is designed to develop innovative services that contribute to easier access to medical care and better medical services thus increasing levels of patients’ satisfaction. Since the launch of the selection work, 46 project brand proposals were singled out and submitted by Shanghai's medical institutions at all levels. Finally, 30 brands stood out as winners after the comprehensive evaluation, among which six are hospitals affiliated to Tongji University.


Tongji hospitals awarded with "Innovative Medical Service Brands"

Tongji’s Tenth People's Hospital has built a patient-centered online, integrated, closed-loop service system for both outpatients and inpatients, which provides online payment, service and medical treatment effectively reducing the number and time of queuing for patients. The Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital affiliated to Tongji University has launched the "electronic cloud film platform" and patient self-help system to automatically divert patients and reduce queues, allowing cutting-edge technologies to be applied into the ordinary treatment. The Shanghai First Maternal and Infant Hospital keeps updating and optimizing the "iCARE", a patient experience system, to build a patient experience department that integrates appointment registration, consultation and complaint, mobile medical care, process reengineering, social work, and volunteer services to improve patient satisfaction. Tongji Hospital has innovated the "family mutual aid cardiac rehabilitation" model through popularizing knowledge and offering training on emergency treatment techniques and prevention, treatment, and cardiovascular rehabilitation for patients and their families to build a family support system that, not only strengthens patients' family intimacy, but also reduces the incidence of cardiovascular emergencies significantly. The Shanghai East Hospital has been the first to have opened the Psychosomatic Medicine Ward in China, providing patients with integrated psychosomatic medicine services by taking advantage of psychiatric liaison consultation, psychological care, and social work services, and thus fostering an atmosphere full of warmth and humanistic care. The Tianyou Hospital (planning) has established the "kidney fighters’ home" that offers multidisciplinary consultation and treatment, telephone follow-up, assessment and guidance, and public assistance services to uremia patients through medical and nursing staff, public welfare organizations, and volunteers. This has enhanced patient compliance and improved therapeutic effects significantly.

In order to promote the great anti-pandemic spirit and demonstrate fully the achievements of Shanghai's medical staff who assisted Hubei in fighting the pandemic with their best efforts, proactivity, flexibility, and innovation, the Civilization Office of Shanghai Municipal Health System has taken the initiative to launch its selection work for the "Innovative Medical Service Projects in Aid of Hubei" in China. Tongi-affilaited Shanghai Pulmonary, Yangzhi Rehabilitation, and Shanghai East Hospitals, along with the Mental Health Center were awarded the title of "Innovative Medical Service Projects in Aid of Hubei."

Tongji hospitals awarded with “Innovative Medical Service Projects in Aid of Hubei Pandemic”

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/76131.htm