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Congratulations to Tongji University for being selected as a MOE pilot unit of integrated media in education

Tongji University
November 19, 2020

The 2020 Pilot Work Promotion Meeting for the Construction of Integrated Media in Education (IME) was held at Xi’an Jiaotong University from November 12 to 13 for further implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s remarks on promoting the development of IM, for carry outing the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and for accelerating the construction of the IME. The second batch of IME pilot units were announced at the meeting, and name plates were presented to them. Tongji University was among them.


Participants at the meeting


Name plate was presented to a pilot unit


Representatives of the pilot units


Pilot units are expected to play a leading role in promoting the IME construction through giving full play to the function of the IME, and closely integrate its construction with ideological and political work. They are encouraged to build a platform for the IME “News-Government-Service”, to provide quality content, and to make good use of the “China Education Release” app by searching for paths, exploring new modes for the construction of the IME, and combining their characteristics to make it more distinctive. Furthermore, pilot units will make efforts to pool resources, cooperate with local education departments, and colleges and universities to build IM bases; to seek breakthroughs by introducing cutting-edge technology to education media, and by using 5G, AI, and the latest research results from colleges and universities to serve the IME construction.



Meeting in progress


In recent years, Tongji University has implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important remarks on promoting the IM development, focusing on the fundamental task of fostering virtues through education, following regulations of IM development, and striving to build an all-media communication system with content construction as the foundation, advanced technology as the support, and innovative management as the guarantee. By strengthening ideological education, reforming institutional mechanisms, integrating the university expertise, and creating an IM matrix, Tongji University has launched a number of thematic IM brand products such as “Writing for China” and “Across the Great Mountains and Rivers - Tongji University in the War of Resistance against Japan”. Besides, the University has established its IM brand products such as a live broadcast channel “Listen to TA,” an alumni lifelong learning platform “Star Lecture Hall,” and a bilibili streaming platform “Leverage Math with One Problem.” In addition, Tongji University has created multi-theme and multi-form IM “Cloud Classrooms” such as joining the Communist Party of China, fighting the “Pandemic,” life education and academic consultations, which has formed an IM campus ecology, improving its communication competence, leading role, and credibility of mainstream public opinions.











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