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Tongji holds a series of comprehensive recruitment fairs for graduates of 2021

The University News Center
November 2, 2020

On October 25, the two-day Tongji comprehensive recruitment fair for graduates of 2021 (Siping Campus Special Session) ended in the new gymnasium. A total of 157 employing units entered the site within two days, attracting more than 1,200 Tongji students to apply for jobs. So far, this month, the Student Career Guidance Center, together with some colleges such as Transportation Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, and Automotive Studies, has held eight comprehensive recruitment fairs for graduates of 2021 through the combination of online and offline forums, across campuses, and with multiple sessions of different types.


The Exhibition Board at the Recruitment Fair

The series of recruitment fairs kicked off on October 16. The employing units participating in the fairs are related closely to Tongji’s discipline setting. In addition to industries like Civil Engineering, Machinery, Transportation, Automotive, Education, Finance, Biology, and Medical Treatment, some units are representatives of emerging industries such as the Internet, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. According to statistics, a total of 599 units from China State Construction Engineering, Ping An Insurance Company of China, Shanghai Construction Group, Shanghai Automotive Industry Motor, and other groups participated in this series of recruitment activities. Besides, some scientific research and design units, government agencies and institutions, and educational units also joined. More than 2500 positions have been provided. Employing units are mainly from the Yangtze River Delta region, and 188 high-quality units from Beijing, Guangdong, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places also made a special trip to the site to attract talent. At these events, Tongji has strengthened multi-party links and key units, such as the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Shanghai Lujiazui Talent Golden Port to attract high-level talent.


Recruitment Fair Scene

 One third-year graduate student XIAO Gu from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering said: "I have participated in several recruitment fairs at the Siping Road Campus and found many employing units have a high degree of professional fit for me. I have submitted more than 20 resumes and have received 2 offers, so far." Applying for jobs actively, XIAO Gu goes back and forth to the recruitment booths at the venue and consults employers about job issues she cares about. According to on-site interviewers, many students say they have received one or two job offers at present and they are also looking for more ideal positions.


Graduates' expectations for job hunting in high-quality units continue to rise, and large state-owned enterprises and institutions have also been favored by students. Xiao Wang, a graduate student in the School of Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mechanics, said: "From my own point of view, including my understanding of students around me, people are paying more and more attention to the long-term career development, social recognition and job stability." XIAO Wang hopes to contribute to the development of the national aviation industry by combining what he has learned and is preparing for the interviews with both the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China.


Employers’ enthusiasm for recruiting at schools is also rising constantly. The campus recruitment director of China’s World Trade Center said that it would be more effective to communicate with graduates offline, and their unit offered very high-quality positions this time, hoping to attract more Tongji graduates. Also, she stated that, with the "post-95s" and even the "post-00s" becoming the main force of job hunting in colleges and universities, the influence of career development, personal value, corporate culture, and other factors of graduates' job hunting is increasing continuously.


Student Consulting on the Spot

According to the person responsible for the Student Employment Guidance Center, Tongji University adheres to the work principle of early start-up, early planning, and early implementation, and it strives to do its best for the employment of graduates of 2021. Since the start of the Fall 2020 semester, Tongji has held a total of 120 offline and 75 online career talks, and has organized a number of group career talks and recruitment fairs for key units which has formed a campus recruitment model gradually and based mainly on comprehensive recruitment fairs and special career talks in the form of online and offline combination and supplemented by group recruitment fairs and feature promotion meetings. Also, Tongji remains active in introducing employing units from various regions, industries, and levels to meet the diverse needs of its graduates.


In carrying out campus recruitment activities, the Student Career Guidance Center combines the work concept of Three-Full Education, exerts the effect of a collaborative education, and introduces multiple resources. On one hand, it provides continuous career guidance and job search guidance for graduates of 2021. On the other hand, it assists local party and government agencies, four key fields, and other employing units actively in campus career talks and recruitment, and is committed to sending more outstanding graduates to the places where the motherland needs contributions the most.


In terms of career and job search guidance for the graduates, the Student Career Guidance Center organized the 2021 Sailing Growth Camp to help graduates connect with key work areas such as the country's urgent needs, difficult regions, and international reputation. It also organized job-hunting skills improvement camps to help students improve their job seeking skills, such as resume production, interview response, and workplace etiquette. At the offline recruitment fair, there was a long queue in the employment guidance area composed of experts and teachers inside and outside the school. For graduates of different levels and types, teachers carried out a targeted industry prospect analysis, recruitment written examination analysis, workplace etiquette guidance, and other educational activities, which were welcomed greatly by the graduates.



Resume Modification Area

In terms of assisting key units to come to the school to carry out career talks and recruitment activities, the recruitment of Selected Graduates for graduates of 2021 in various provinces and cities have since started one after another so the Student Employment Guidance Center has launched a "Contact Person System" to connect with local recruitment, review, recommendation, written examination preparation, and other work. So far, nearly 1000 students on campus have been served. Also, Tongji connects with municipal human resources and social departments group recruitment fairs, such as for Fujian Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Suzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, as well as with enterprises and institutions, such as Shanghai Urban-Rural Development and Management, and China Communications Construction Company, to continue to provide graduates with rich recruitment activities and high-quality job information.