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Tongji DIAN Racing Team to compete in 2020 Formula Student China (FSC)

The University News Center
November 4, 2020

On October 23, 2020, the Tongji DIAN Racing Team’s "DIAN · Brave Winds and Waves" new car launch was officially held in the Porsche Experience Center, Shanghai, on which the brand-new formula racing car DRe20 was unveiled by the team. Representing Tongji University, the DRe20 will compete in 2020 FSC in November this year.


New Racing Car DRe20 Unveiling

ZHANG Tong, Chief Instructor of the DIAN Racing Team and Professor at the Tongji’s School of Automotive Studies, recognized the remarkable achievements made by the team in recent years and expressed his good wishes for the cooperation between Tongji and enterprises as well as high expectations for the team. On behalf of the sponsors, Mr. YAN Boyu, President and CEO of Porsche China, Mr. CHEN Yingjie, Director of Automotive Engineering and Research and Development of Schaeffler Greater China, and Mr. ZHUANG Hao, Application Engineer of TPM3D, shared their cooperation with the Tongji DIAN Racing Team through videos and other forms, and expressed their readiness for further cooperation with Tongji in the future.


Prof. ZHANG Tong Addressing the Audience

LIU Fan, Tongji DIAN Racing Team Leader, briefed the team's work in detail, introduced the team's progress in the 2020 racing season, and demonstrated the technical highlights of DRe20, which inherits the design concept of "lighter, faster, and more stable" of DRe models while boasting a series of technical upgrades. Concerning lightweight design, the team has optimized the carbon fiber layup and insert for the monocoque further, while guaranteeing the strength and reliability of parts thus reducing the vehicle’s weight further. In terms of its powertrain when coupled with the upgraded microprocessor of the battery management system and adoption of new technologies like brake energy recovery, the DRe20 sees a significant increase in the energy efficiency. In regard to its stability, a new vehicle cooling system that works in tandem with the aerodynamics package has been designed by the team to ensure that the entire drive system works efficiently and stably for long periods of time and under extreme conditions. Also, a distributed control system with up to 7 nodes and 10 controllers, including the vehicle controller, steering wheel and instrument panel has also been designed and developed independently by the team to make the electronic control system easier to maintain.


Briefing by the Team Leader LIU Fan

In the dynamic display session of competing with the Taycan, Porsche's first all-electric racing car, the DRe20 performed high-speed obstacle avoidance and straight-line acceleration, demonstrating its sound stability and superior performance.


Dynamic Display of the Competing


Photo of the DIAN Racing Team

  Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/75433.htm