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​Cold Dew captures Tongji’s autumn beauty

Tongji University
October 17, 2020

Today, at 3:55 pm, we welcomed the Cold Dew.

This is the first of the 24 solar terms with the word "cold" in it.

As the ancient book says, "The Cold Dew is in the ninth month of the lunar calendar when the dew is cold enough to condense".

At this time of year, the autumn winds blow away the hustle and bustle of the summer days and frost the green maple leaves, which are turning red with golden tips.

It is the best time of a year.

Autumn days at Tongji University are always fragrant with blooming Osmanthus flowers.

To capture the sweet-scented moments of autumn, Tongji students and teachers took 10 wonderful photos on campus.


Lush maple leaves flaming on the lawn  near the Zhonghe Building at Siping Campus

In early autumn, the campus flames with lush maple leaves.

It won't be long for you to see those fiery red leaves, like rosy clouds, start to fall slowly on the paths you walk on every day. You can just pick up a leaf and collect it in between the pages, as a remembrance of autumn days.


Autumn leaves crowning the South Teaching Building at Siping Campus

In your leisure time, you can enjoy the autumn breeze and go for a walk with your friends, talking and laughing, on the campus where red leaves float in the sweet-scented air. I don't believe there is any moment more satisfying than it.


Oosmanthus outside the Auditorium at Siping Campus

Source the sweet scent and you will find yourself surrounded by the cute blossoms of Osmanthus, with tiny petals like strings of pearls.

The goose-yellow flowers sway and float in the autumn breeze, sprinkling the ground with golden pieces to weave a fine carpet.


Grapefruits outside the University History Galllary of Siping Campus

"The grapefruit has white pulp and a faint scent, providing people with pleasant feelings."

When the autumn wind blows through the full bearing trees, you will find ripe grapefruits hidden in the leaves, like thousands of lanterns with a rich fragrance. If you happen to go out on a rainy day, you will certainly get refreshed by the chilly fragrance in the damp air.


Sanhaowu Park at Siping Campus

On a cool autumn day, the warm sun shining through thick branches dapples the gleaming lake.

Walking on the picturesque campus on an autumn day, you may feel an irrepressible desire to write a long letter to share your feelings with your loved ones.



A bird’s eye view of the Auditorium and its surroundings at Siping Campus

"On the ground, the leaves from the Metasequoia fall and pile up. Across the wood, the curved stream floats with sound."

When the rosy glow illuminates the trees and the paths covered by leaves, you can just free yourself relax from your normal life and enjoy the sweet air and fantastic scenery.

Well, a mooncake from Xiyuan Food Court will definitely perfect your day.


A bird’s eye view of the Weixin Hall of Jiading Campus

Is it too cold for the early morning dewdrops to expose themselves to the chilly frost? They slide down silently, swaying along the way. But the sparse branches are still dynamic, waving their arms and hands frequently to the students and teachers, as if to say, "Hurry up, you will be late."


Tongxin Building at Jiading Campus

The sky is high and the sun is warm. The autumn sky is always as blue as the deep sea. Every time you look up to it, your heart will be filled with calmness and peace.

Noticing the name of the building, a small dream will resonate within your mind: Serving the people and the world with one heart, on the same boat, and with the responsibility of rejuvenating the Chinese nation.


Sports Center of Jiading Campus

In the afternoon, pieces of cloud floating in the sky look like marshmallows. When you pass by the gym, don't forget to urge yourself: Even though it's getting cold outside, the best way to enjoy the scenery is to keep exercising!



A veiw near the library of Jiading Campus

Though the evening glow hasn't faded in the soft breeze of nightfall, the moon has already projected her face in the gleaming water through the diffuse moisture before the white fog comes.

After dinner, you can enjoy the wide scenery of the sky and the water through the library window.

At this time of year, let's accumulate our strength to keep moving on!

Written by YU Juan, WAN Yanwen

Photography by zyl, ZHOU You, SHEN Weiqing, ZHU Jie, Porco

Source: http://fx.xwapp.moe.gov.cn/article/202010/5f7e694f1e845213cc7d3109. html