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GUO Chongqing wins Special Contribution Respect Award at the 7th Management Science Awards Ceremony

The University News Center
October 6, 2020

On September 27, the 2020 China Management Science Conference and the 7th Management Science Awards Ceremony were held in Beijing. Tongji Professor GUO Chongqing won the Special Contribution Respect Award of the 7th Management Science Awards. GUO is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Former Director of the Department of Management Science of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. 

The award speech given by China Management Science Society to Professor GUO Chongqing reads:

Only when you believe in your heart can you go far. He has practiced

engineering design and management throughout his life, and he is

committed to manufacturing in China unswervingly. From his earliest

proposal and practice of "the three-in-one combination of enterprise

system reform, reorganization of production rationalization, and transformation of production modernization", to the focused research on the management characteristics of Chinese

scenarios, he made philosophical thinking shine brilliantly in the Internet

Plus era and helped Chinese engineering design step onto the world

stage. He is an industry disruptor who supports innovation and a

management reformer who embraces the times. Having worked in the

industry for decades, with absolute authority and academic achievements,

he has become a world-renowned "Chinese engineering design master"

in the fields of engineering design, consulting and industrial development

research, and is a well-known engineering management expert, strategic

scientist and engineering technologist. He has made outstanding

contributions to the development of Chinese management science.


GUO’s team member received the award on his behalf

GUO’s team member received the award on his behalf because he had to attend another academic event on the same day. Director of the Department of Engineering Management of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering HU Wenrui presented the award.

The Management Science Award of China Management Science Society is a science and technology award approved by the National Award Office in accordance with the provisions of the State Council's Regulations on State Science and Technology Awards and the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Administrative Measures for the Establishment of Science and Technology Awards by Social Forces. Through commendation and reward, this award aims to mobilize the initiative and creativity of management science professionals, promote the development and application of management science in China, and further exert the role of management science in facilitating social and economic development.

Six categories of awards were set up for this year. The management research results from 45 units across the country have respectively won five categories of Management Science Awards: academic, practice, innovation, promotion, and talent, and three people, including GUO Chongqing, won the Special Contribution Respect Award of the Management Science Awards.

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1003/75190.htm