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Tongji’s Party Secretary FANGShouen lectures incoming students on the university history

The University News Center
September 4, 2020

On the afternoon of August 30, the lecture,Telling Tongji Stories of the Star Lectures, Tongji Alumni’s Lifelong Learning Platform, opened in the Lecture Hallof Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd..FANG Shouen, Tongji’s Party Secretary, spokeof Tongji’s glorious history of moving forward with the motherland and helping the world with science and education over the past 100 years;and encourage Tongji alumni to carry forward Tongji people’s love for the nation. This is one of the Alumni Association’s welcoming events for new students of 2020. A total of31 local alumni associations across the country organized venuesfor new students and their parents to join Tongji’salumni in listening to the lecture so that new comers could receive an education on Tongjihistory before they commence their journey at Tongji.

 FANG told Tongji storiesinfour chapters: Red Gene; There is No Better Way to Help the Weak Than to Heal the Sick, and No Better Way to Help the Poor Than to Work; Writing the ‘Theses’ on the Motherland;and Carrying Forward Tongji People’s Sentiment for the Country and the Family. FANG demonstratedTongji’s more than 100-year history and the patriotic stories of the Tongji people with four letters and a good number of videos and images.The storieshe presented vividly to the audience included the common destinies between Tongji University and the motherland, Tongji’s coreaspirations to help the weak and the poor, and itsfightfor the country and the people --stories about Tongji’swell-known alumni and predecessors, such as YIN Fu, YANGYiyan, QIUFazu, WUMengchao, LIGuohao, XIANGHaifan.Also included were stories of the inheritance of Tongji’s spirit by suchalumni as ZHUYongling, LIUChunchen, QUANLiangyu, YANG Jianhua and JIXinhua,students of Yin Fu Class, and medical team members from Tongji’s affiliated hospitals who assisted HubeiProvinceduring the outbreak of COVID-19.

FANG concluded by saying that Tongji University has always insisted on the principle of moving forward with the motherland and helping the world with science and education, linking closely Tongji’s development with the fate of the the nation. Throughout its over100-year history, , the Tongji people have never changed their original goals. During their study at Tongji, the new students of 2020 will witness the realization of the first centenary goal and the beginning of the second centenary goal. It is expected the students will inherit the Tongji spirit, cherish their time atTongji, hone their skills, and become the social pillars and professional elites who can lead society into the future.

In the interactive session, the Wuhan Alumni Association of Tongji University led by President ZHU Xiaoyoushared  theircurrent situation with  Tongji alumni around the world via video: “Dear Tongji alumni, we are all well in Wuhan.Thank you very much for your concern!” Representatives of the alumni associations in Guangzhou, Beijing, Sichuan, Heilongjiang, and other places said they were encouraged after listening to the story of the Tongji people and would inspire themselves to move forward into the futurewith the spirit of the Tongji people.

New students also shared how they felt: YUAN Jinsong was impressed by Tongji’s strong advocation tobuild the Shanghai Nanpu Bridge by the Chinese themselves; FAN Xinyue was touched by Tongji’s persistence in running the Universityafter six relocations.They said they would keep these stories in mind and motivate themselves with the Tongji spirit when they start their life at Tongji.

The lecture was interrupted by rounds of applause from theon-scene and onlineaudiences who kept posting their commentsduring the lecture.A total of over 200,000 online viewersattended the lecture on different live streaming platforms.

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/74779.htm