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U​niversity logistics group provides warmhearted ​services to students

The University News Centre,The University Logistics Group
August 2, 2020

 This year’s Shanghai experienced the longest summer rain season since 1999. The First Southwest Building is the oldest dormitory atSiping Campus, TongjiUniversity. Due to the its relatively low topography, there was deep water around the building after the heavy rains, which left the rooms on the first floor especially humid, and some clothingand mattresses in the dormitory to appear moldy. After being informedof this situation, the head of the Logistics Group instructed these items must be cleaned anddirected all staffmembers to act quickly.The dormitory director organized the management, duty staff, and cleaners immediately to start cleaning the clothingand mattresses. After cleaning for more than 20 days, the staff cleanedmore than 800 mattresses and clothing for more than 200 students in 70 dormitories.

The summer rain season just ended, but the staff members are still busy asthey continue their work of cleaning and drying the clothing in the hot summer sun.In fact, the mildew prevention work began before the summer rain season began. The Logistics Group now requires dormitorywindows be opened at least once a week for at least four hours, and the staff should removeall garbage and debris from the dormitory. During the summer rainseasons, the window-opening work will be suspended and the air-conditioner will be switched on to decrease the air humidity.The cost of the power consumption will be borne by the Logistics Group.

The primary goal of the Logistics Group is to serve the students, andcommunity desires the students to return to the campus as soon as possible sincebeing away from the University for more than half a year.

Author: Wang Waidong

Video: LI Hua

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/74508.htm