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Tongji × Starbucks? It cannot be more creative!

Official Account of Tongji University
July 24, 2020

A "Tea Cloud" Art installation Exhibition was staged jointly by the Making Lab of College of Design and Innovation (D&I), Tongji University and Starbucks China at Starbucks store inShanghai MetroCity. Visitors enjoy their tea and/or coffee here by indulging themselves in artistic visual pleasure.

The theme of Tea Cloud aims at unfolding creative "white technology" of “turning tea to cloud”, leadingvisitors to think about the relations between tradition and the future, and between technology andart in a commercial space. A design team led by Professor ZHOUHongtao fromthe College of D&Icreated a readable sky cloud by employing digital design and 3D printing technology.White clouds witha taste offuture float at the "third space"above the central cafe area, which looks charmingly inviting amid faintshades of light.


This exhibition was the first cross-border cooperation between the College of D&I and Starbucks China through introduction of art installations at a Starbucks store. Theymanaged to present futurism by integrating business space, creative ideas and technological innovation.


The Design Team, College of D&ITongji Unversity:

ZHOUHongtao, ZHANGXiaotong, GAOTanhao, YANG Ye, SHENYichu

Organized by

MAKING LAB of College of D&I, Tongji University

Shanghai International D&IInstitute, Tongji University

Starbucks China

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/GczseZC0l0pQ-mmUjkJPfg