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All logistics departments send off the graduates warmly with caring and professional service

Tongji Logistics Group
July 14, 2020

As the 2020 graduation ceremony has been successfully concluded, a batch of students graduated from Tongji University and will start their career or seek further study throughout the country. In this special month for graduation, the Tongji logistics departmental staff always holds fast to their own positions, working tirelessly and making all-out efforts to perform all kinds of logistics services. These intimate, meticulous, and professional practices have not only ensured comprehensive logistics services for graduates who have returned to school, but also have shown a sincere farewell to their graduates.

As graduation season came, the Food Center of the Tongji Logistics Group especially launched a series of set meals themed “graduation season” as farewell gifts for students who were about to depart Tongji University. Since May, porters of the student dorms in the community center have rolled up their sleeves and walked into the student dormitory to open windows to air their rooms, dehumidify rooms, tidy up the stuff, put the tables and chairs in order, clear away rubbish, and sterilize everything thoroughly just for a clean, hygienic dormitory environment with fresh air for the graduates. The student community cooperated with the unified deployment of the school and contacts the express company that provides luggage delivery service for the graduates to ensure luggage will be delivered smoothly, securely, and quickly with special consideration. For students who could not return to school to get their luggage due to special circumstances, the porters of the student dorms sorted out students’ personal items and packed them for students with strong sense of responsibility. In order to avoid forgetting anything, the porters made video calls with the graduates throughout the process, and they included "special graduation gifts" to the graduates with their own devotion.





Rain or shine, the employees always held to their positions without complaint. The security personnel were responsible for people’s entry and exit registration, temperature measurement, vehicle guidance, and etc., the cleaners were responsible for the sterilization and cleaning of public areas, and the administrative staff was responsible to perform safety checks of the facilities and equipment inside the buildings. The Engineering Center organized these activities meticulously and cooperated fully with other departments to ensure that all kinds of work would be completed successfully during the graduation season.


According to the work plan for the graduation affairs issued by Tongji University and the Tongji Logistics Group, the Conference Center set up a coordination group especially for the graduation ceremony affairs. From the preliminary preparation, to the venue arrangement, to the entire graduation ceremony process, the Conference Center implemented each detail carefully and communicated and coordinated all work actively at the ceremony.



Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1003/74281.htm