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Tongji Students win prizes in the First China Creativity Festival of College Students

The University Youth League Committee, The Art Center
July 8, 2020

June 12 marked the closing ceremony of the first China Creativity Festival of College Students (CCFOCS) and the opening ceremony of the second CCFOCS, which were broadcast on Tik Tok and Pear Video. The first CCFOCS was hosted by the Shanghai Education Commission under the leadership of the Department of Physical Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education. Tongji University took three First Prizes, three Second Prizes, and one Third Prize in all ten categories. It was the university with the most total number of awards and First Prizes, and the most categories of awards. The three outstanding programs from the Student Art Troupe performed at the closing ceremony. Tongji University won the Excellent Organization Award for its outstanding results and organization.


"Tourism Food Network in Henggang Village- Food time" created by students REN Jiaxuan, CAI Yanni, and ZHANG Yanling took First Prize in the Creative Environment Design category. DENG Yingzhi's "Friend Like Me" took First Prize in the Creative Dance category, and GUO Qin’s "Museum of Printing" took First Prize in the Creative News Media category. In addition, CHEN Maoshuo, YAN Guanghe, and WU You’ s "Aircraft Seats Lightweight- Minimalism" Second Prize in the Creative Product Design category. Also, DENG Yingzhi, HUANG Zhiyang, GE Yate, and Soping Wang' s "Teletubbies" took Second Prize in the Creative Dance category. GUO Qin's "Star Dust" took Second Prize in the Creative Film and Television category. CHEN Maoshuo, LIU Ziyi, LUO Lanxin's "Cubes of Growth" took Third Prize in Creative Environment Design category.


Three music art works directed by the University’s Art Center were performed live, including the Chinese and Western ensemble "Someday or One Day" performed by the Chinese Traditional Instruments orchestra, the original song "Dawn" sung by the student choir, and the original hand-painted animated video "What is Art" were performed by the Tongji Art Working Group. These three works used different forms to show the creativity of art and received enthusiastic response from the online audience.


Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/74130.htm