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President of Tongji University delivers a speech to students of Shanghai High School

the University News Center
June 5, 2020

On May 26, CHEN Jie, president of Tongji University and a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, delivered a speech on“Studying atTongj-- AI Empowers your Growth”, in the auditorium of Shanghai High School.Mr. FENG Zhigang, headmaster of Shanghai High School chaired the speech. 

CHEN began his speech with ananalysis of challenges China will face in the future competitionsin talents, science and technology, and industry, which was followed by an introduction of Tongji University. In his speech, the 113-year history of Tongji University was illustrated with pictures since the founding of the university, demonstrating great contributions that generations of people from Tongji have made tothe economic and social developmentof our motherland by taking advantage of Tongji’s wisdom and academic strengths. CHEN extended his warm welcome to students of Shanghai High School, andexpressedhis expectations to witness their growthon Tongji campus. “Join Tongji, and you will see abetter future in you”.


Then, CHEN gave students a briefing of artificial intelligence (AI), and introduced Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems (SRIFIAS), which is led by Tongji University. SRIFIAS aims atexploringmajor scientific issuesat the forefront of AI, cultivating high-end AI talents who are in bad need in China, and promotingindustry transformation in intelligent city, intelligent construction, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent agriculture and intelligent transportation with the help of original and innovative research results to be achieved at SRIFIAS. The university is to start a peak discipline of Intelligent Science and Technology by drawing expertise from SRIFIAS. AI will empower traditional disciplinesin nurturing talents who will be able to conduct basic research in AI and bring AI knowledge to applications. Since founding of SRIFIASa year ago, it has maderemarkable progress in talent capacity building, servingthe national strategy and local needs, and building major scientific facilities.

After the speech, CHENand the head of Student Recruitment Center, Tongji Undergraduate Schoolwent to the library of the school for book donation, which was witnessed by Mr. FENG Zhigang and other people of Shanghai High School. Over 300 books published by Tongji University Press over the past three yearswere donated, covering architecture,art, chemistry, economics, education, history, literature, mathematics,philosophy, physics, and transportation.

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1002/73941.htm