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Tongji welcomes the first batch of graduating students to campus!

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May 11, 2020

On May 8, the first batch of graduating students finally returned tothe Tongji campusafter they lived inisolation for monitoring of their health conditions for 14 consecutive days following their entry to Shanghai. It had been aboutfour months since they left the campus for winter holiday. On returning to the campus, they received warm greetings from the faculty staff, and felt well at home by a series of epidemic prevention and control measures. Although the mask coveredthe faces of both the faculty staff and the students, it could not cover the smiles behind it.FANG Shouen, the Party Secretary of Tongji University and CHEN Jie,President of the University, met students at the university entrance at Siping Campus and talked with them about their return to the University.

According to the local authorities’ regulations on students’ return to campus for the spring semester,Tongji Universityhas made the arrangement for students to return to the campus step by stepbased on the university’s implementation of the pandemic prevention and control. Since the initiation of students’ return on April 27, a small number of students involved in major national research programs have returned to Tongji after strict review and approval process. And on May 8, the University welcomed the return of the first batch of graduating students.

The University has attachedgreat importance to students’ returnand have madecontingency plans well in advance. An emergency drill was held at Siping campuson April 26, in which FANG Shouen, Chen Jie and other university leaders participated. They went all the way from the campus entrance on Siping Road,the University library, the south teaching building, XueyuanCanteen, the secondsouthwest building, to the Schoolof Medicinefor students’ experience of returning to the campus and to ensure that the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measureswill safeguard students’ campus life upon their  return to the University.


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