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Tongji University helpsYong'an Village with its poverty alleviation

May 6, 2020

From: Yunnan Daily

"For this rainy season, we no longer have to worry about rushing to the bazaar and selling agricultural products". XIE Size, a villager from the Maocao Deng Group of Yong'an Village, Nuodeng Town, Yunlong County, Yunnan Province, enjoys watching the Yongji Bridge being built on the riverside from his yard in his spare time. He is convinced that poverty alleviation is being addressed directly.

"Although there is a road just across the river, I have to take a detour to the town for going to the market and running errands, which takes two to three hoursbecause there is no bridge. Once the bridge is completed, we can reach the opposite road in just a few minutes and it will be much more convenient for us",saidXIE.

Difficulties in transportation make everything difficult. Yong'an Village is divided on both sides of the Bijiang River Gorge. The river has caused severe problems of connectivity for residents of the area. For a long time, the people have felt too isolated.

In May 2018, after Tongji University was assigned to help Yong’an Village solveits transportation difficulties, improving infrastructure and the living environment became priorities. More than 2.6 million CNY have been invested for the Yongji Bridge and construction began in November 2019. After completion, it will solve the transportation problemfor more than 400 people and 180 households in four village groups including Yun’an Old House and Luoba Mountain.

According to SUN Yujie, the first party secretary of Tongji University in Yong’an Village, the tasks in the first two years were mainly to overcome the shortcomings of infrastructure. This year, more investment will be spent on industrial development and more attention will be attached to increasing the income of local people.

Xing Village is a small village with only 18 households. In the past, the roads in the village were bumpy and covered by garbage and faeces, especially in the rainy season when even walking along them was difficult.

In order to improve the appearance of the village as well as the living environment, SUN walked into every corner of the village and appraised the real situation with the local village leaders. Led by party members, local people actively participated in the road construction. The approaches including "subsidies for building materials + labor by villagers” and “labor by villagers + unified construction of artisans" were adopted to implement the household reform, village road construction, potable water project and garbage disposal.A long-term management and maintenance system has been established, which has effectively improved household and village sanitation and appearance.

Over the past few years, Tongji University has invested more than 7 million CYN in Yong’anVillage assistance funds and most of these are used to address the issues of infrastructure such as roads and bridges and construction of public toilets and improvement of the living environment. As a result,Yong’an Village has changed dramatically for the better.

Source: http://yndaily.yunnan.cn/html/2020-04/14/content_1341885.htm?div=-1