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Our hearts are together though we are in different parts of the world

the International School
March 18, 2020

Teachers have all become anchors on the internet as the result of online teaching during the coronavirus outbreak in China. For the first time, students take their lessons through online learning. How do they feel about it? Let's take a look.

LIN Chunhe (Boonyasiri Hawcharoen)undergraduate student from Thailand

During this special time, all courses are taught online, which I find pretty good from my own experience. The only thing is I must get into the habit of getting up early every day, and join my class online where the teacher is broadcasting live. The beauty is I can always return to my computer and play back the class when I have a problem. We can study without taking the trouble of going out as long as internet connection and multimedia are available. Online teaching is both safe for our teachers and convenient to us students.

HONG Jiaxi (Hong Gahee), undergraduate student from Korea

I had assumed that online courses would not be as effective. But I have realized the benefits of online teaching after the first week. I am more concentrated in the online classes and the teaching is better organized. I can feel that the teachers are well prepared!

PAN Chenggong (Soksomrach Phan) undergraduate student from Cambodia

I had worried about how to learn online before I started the online course because I had no experience of taking classes online. However, I find online learning more convenient and efficient after a few days into the online lessons. I can take classes and communicate with teachers without leaving home, which is more effective for my study.

HUI Tonghua (Huy Tonghour)undergraduate student from Cambodia

Cambodia is one hour behind China time. I turn my computer for my online classes every day, which is very convenient because I can just stay at home. But I still hope to return to the University as soon as possible.

Skurydin Kirill, student 2019 from Kazakhstan on a preparatory course Science B1

Kazakhstan is two hours behind China time; so, time difference is not a problem. The city where I live has very good internet connection. That’s why I find online learning superb. The only thing is some parts of the lessons were repeated because of the rearrangement of online classes.

Mota Alves Milania Maria, student 2019 from East Timor on a preparatory course Medicine A10

East Timor is one hour ahead of China time. I just need to prepose my study and life a little earlier than usual. But online classes are a bit difficult, for the internet connection is not stable here.

As you can see, most of our international students have adapted well to online teaching; but some of them find it inconvenient because of weak internet connection. They all miss their life on campus no matter in which part of the world they are. We believe that we will all benefit from online teaching at a time when we are containing the coronavirus under the guidance of our teachers. We will reunite one day, and will cherish our campus life ever more than before.