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Life of Andi, an international Student of of Tongji University

the International School
March 15, 2020

Mr. Brokaj Andi, a student from Albania, is on a preparatory course at the International School of Tongji University.

Andi returned to Albania because of the postponement of school during the coronavirus outbreak. While at home, he kept on studying and was thinking about returning to the Tongji University every day. During this period, the International School started its online teaching of Chinese, medicine and mathematics on February 10. These courses started at 13:15 and ended at 17:30 China time. Because there was a 7-hour time difference between China and Albania, he kept in touch with the teacher via WeChat to receive tutoring from his teachers every day. He was well-motivated and completed all learning tasks successfully.

A few days later, he learned from the University that the new semester was to begin on March 2 and all courses would be conducted online. The International School announced the teaching arrangements of online teaching and learning until further notice when the epidemic was over.

Andi has continued his study since March 2. When class starts at 10:00 in the morning China time, Chinese students can see the blue sky and magnolia flowers outside their windows. But for Andy, it is 3:00 am in the early morning. He has to switch on his desk lamp, put on his headphones and turn on his mobile phone for his lessons. While he is busy studying, his parents are fast asleep. To adapt to the time difference, Andy reschedules his routine life for all his online courses in order to keep up with the pace of study. He is enthusiastic for learning Chinese and his teachers offer their help via WeChat. Every day he gets up in the middle of the early morning for his class. He does homework in time, communicates with the teachers and completes his study goals.

Andi faces his study and life with a positive attitude and feels grateful to the timely online teaching organized by the University. He understands that it is very challenging for the University to establish a proper online teaching system for around 50,000 students of Tongji to study at home within a short period of time.

According to Andi, online learning is positive for students, because they can take their classes no matter where they are. In addition, teachers may answer their questions online and help them with their study. Students may have more spare time, too.

With the joint efforts of teachers and students during the difficult time, Tongji will soon tide it over and welcome its people with warmer arms!

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/pp4tM-CzV8fZnod67nibTA