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International Students Sent their Blessings

School of Medicine
February 27, 2020


My name is Fuad . I am from Yemen.  I have spent half of my life in China, as China is my second home, which I adore as much as I love my own home country. When I heard about the news of Wuhan, which is plagued by the epidemic, it made me very sad. This is a wonderful city that has provided a lot for its country and all foreign countries. How can I not be sad for Wuhan and China? I do not forget that there are many doctors who are working day and night for our safety and to provide the best possible medical care to the affected . I know that we will together win against the novel Corona Virus.

Finally, I am grateful to my medical school and all the related departments that has provided us to the best of their ability and has always encouraged us to pays attention to our safety and has taken care of its students!

We hope that China will soon triumph. China's pain is also our pain. We love China and believe that China will regain its mighty strength. So I will not choose to leave China because of this virus.

Humaira Urmi

My dear Chinese friends, don’t be afraid, you are stronger than you know. This year you spent spring festival in horror but it wouldn’t be the same next year. This time you couldn’t celebrate properly but we will celebrate it with more joys next year. Don’t be afraid, we will do it together. This year many of you won’t enjoy the cherry blossoms, the beauty of spring. But don’t be afraid, we will enjoy it again very soon. You have lost many of your family members, your friends, colleagues, people you loved, but remember you are not alone. They were our family, our friends, our loved ones too. Don’t be afraid, you are not alone and we will fight it together. Always remember the sun smiles behind clouds.