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I am safe at home in Wuhan -- A letter from a Tongji student in Wuhan

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February 12, 2020

On February 52020, Mr. MAO Jian, a 2017 graduate student from the College of Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE), who is currently residing in Wuhan, wrote a letter to the University to report that he was safe.

Dear teachers and classmates,

Happy New Year!

I am MAO Jian, a 2017 graduate student of CESE,Tongji University. I am currently living in Wuhan and fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonias (NCP) and overcoming difficulties together with 11 million residents at Wuhan.

Today is 5th February 2020, the 14th day since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus in Wuhan. In the past 14 days, I received care from the University, teachers and countless classmates. Here, I would like, first of all, to reassure that everything is fine with me and my family in Wuhan, and I wish Tongji people at home and abroad a safe, healthy and happy family time! NCP separates us, but love pulls our hearts closer. I give thanks to the teachers and classmates for their care and help as well as to the people throughout the country for their encouragement and support. I want to say this from my heart: it is so nice to have your support and love!

"Isolate the epidemic, but not love." These six words have been deeply engraved in my heart since the outbreak. Isolated at home, I have been following the epidemic prevention and control measures, and I have really felt the love and support of the people throughout the country. I have also been greatly encouraged by the slogan "Stay strong, Wuhan". Since the closure of departure from Wuhan on January 23, in order to protect the basic living and medical conditions of Wuhan citizens, a large number of provinces and cities in China have made every effort to provide living and medical supplies to Wuhan. When I saw the support team of the alma mater hospital rushing to Wuhan, and saw the construction of Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals, two makeshift hospitals in Wuhan, embodying the wisdom and strength of Tongji people, I felt proud at that moment to be a Tongji person! It is at times like these that we understand the real meaning of the phrase "writing the research paper on the land of the motherland"!

After learning that I had stayed in Wuhan, my tutor from CESE contacted me in the first instance. He showed concern about the situation of my family and provided assistance to the best of his ability. He kept in constant touch with us students in Hubei Province, encouraging us and keeping us updated with information of the NCP prevention and control measures at the University; my supervisor consistently cared for the health of myself and my family. During the Spring Festival, he was still busy giving me advice on my graduation thesis. All this gradually alleviated the anxiety in me caused by the spreading NCP. As we move forward, I am deeply touched with the support I have received.

"We are still together when the flowers bloom". I returned to Wuhan from Shanghai on January 17, 2020 and went to a free market for shopping on January 20 (three days before departure from Wuhan was closed). Fortunately, I have stayed at home for 14 days and have had no discomfort or symptoms. Thanks to the care and help of the people throughout the country, some basic daily necessities such as rice, noodles, cooking oil, vegetables and fruits are now available in large supermarkets. Community hospitals and pharmacies have also opened their doors, and every street has been equipped with shuttle vehicles to provide safe services for the daily lives of residents. You can also purchase everyday items online. In this "longer version" of the winter holiday, like my classmates from all over the country, I am at home every day. ‘In such times, staying at home is to contribute to the country’. This is not a joke; peace of mind is not only for my own self-being, but also for the well-being and health of others. I believe that no matter where we are, it is a contribution to hang on there and do it properly. It is a contribution to fight against the NCP on the front line; it is also a contribution to hang on at home. Now that I am at home, I can take advantage of the time and do things meaningful. Every day, I watch out for the national NCP information, learn the epidemic prevention measures, read literature, use various online resources to improve my skills, exercise the body to improve my immunity and watch movies and games. I chat with my family and keep my body and mind happy, which makes my day full and meaningful.

Like everyone else, I look forward to starting school more than ever, but not before the epidemic is fully contained. Staying at home is not only being responsible to myself, but also to the other students. I believe that as long as we work together, we can win this battle against the epidemic. Then Tongji students from all over the country will gather together under the Sakura trees at the Siping campus.

No winter is insurmountable; no spring is cancelled! Teachers and students, let's get together again in Shanghai soon!

MAO Jian
Wuhan, Hubei Province
February 5, 2020