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The National Emergency Medical Team of East Hospital of Tongji University treat patients in a mobile hospital in Wuhan

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February 8, 2020

Commissioned by the National Health Commission, a total of 55 medical staff from the National Emergency Medical Team established by East Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, arrived in Wuhan along with 30 tons of supplies in 10 lorries loaded with medical consumables, daily necessaires and tents on February 4. On the evening of February 7, they started to treat the first group of NCP (new coronavirus pneumonia) patients at Fangcang Hospital, a makeshift hospital where NCP patients with less severe symptoms are admitted.

Immediately upon their arrival in Wuhan on February 4, the medical team went direct to Wuhan Keting where the Fangcang Hospital is located at No. 8 Hongtu Road, Dongxihu District. At the front square of the Fangcang Hospital, they unpacked a modern mobile hospital contained in 25 tents, which included clinics, wards, a pre-examination room, an observation room, a monitoring room, a drug room, an office, a meeting room, a changing room, a lounge, a canteen, a shower room and toilets. As soon as the mobile hospital was set up, they opened their online consultation center right away.

The medical team is commissioned with a special task on this mission. The tented hospital which is equipped with clinics and ICUs next to the Fangcang Hospital safeguards the running of the Fangcang Hospital. At the moment, 7 tents are used as cleaning rooms for the Fangcang Hospital, and 2 tents as the headquarter. The mobile hospital is mainly responsible for receiving, disease confirmation and initial consultation of new patients, and is also ready for admission and treatment of patients. According to Dr. LEI Han, deputy director of East Hospital and the leader of the National Emergency Medical Team, the tented hospital acts as the "brain" and "nerve center" of the Fangcang Hospital, and is the "powerhouse" for protecting the patients. He added, "the medical staff of the emergency team work inside the Fangcai Hospital while the administrative and logistics staff work in the tented mobile hospital. We work closely together as a special force fighting against the virus".

Ms. GAO Caiping, the head nurse of the medical team, said, "as was arranged, 3 doctors and 6 nurses of our team were chosen to help improve the functions of facilities inside the tent, and assist in the renovation of the facilities inside the Fangcang Hospital to better adapt to the local requirements". Mr. SUN Guixin,executive leader of the medical team said, "it is important to ensure our own safety to be fit enough to combat the coronavirus". All members of the team have had training for wearing the protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

Wuhan Keting used to be a cultural landmark of Wuhan. Area A of it is now used to admit and treat NCP patients who are tested positive for nucleic acid. Once their conditions become worse, they will be transferred to Jinyintan Hospital nearby. "The mobile hospital has a comprehensive medical system, which may run for two weeks without any external assistance, since it is designed as a middle-size hospital for 100 patients. Meanwhile, back in East Hospital in Shanghai, arrangements have been made for medical staff to join the work here in turn," LEI added.