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Tongji's response to face battle with the epidemic

WeChat official account of Tongji Youth
February 5, 2020

On the evening of February 2, the Tongji University Emergency Leading Group of Public Health and Safety called another meeting to make further arrangements of the University’s epidemic prevention and control work based upon the new requirements placed by the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal Government on epidemic prevention and control caused by the novel coronavirus.

It was decided at the meeting to

1. Strengthen campus management: to check identity and take temperature of people upon their entry to campus; no entry is allowed for express delivery or trade service;

2. Strengthen community management: to practise closed management and implement registration system; nobody is allowed to stay in student dorm overnight;

3. Strengthen personnel management: those who return to Shanghai from other places shall strictly have medical isolation at home for 14 days; accurate information of all kinds of people shall be reported in time;

4. Make detailed work plan: detailed work plan for the new semester shall be made, including online teaching plans and mechanism;

5. Enhance logistics management: to enhance the anti-epidemic supplies and logistic support by taking advantage of various resources to ensure sanitation and disinfection are made properly in public areas;

6. Further return-to-school management: students are not allowed to return to the University without application for approval; each teacher and student shall be informed in a timely manner of the arrangements and requirements of the University for epidemic prevention and control;

7. Provide psychological services to teachers and students: psychological counseling is provided to teachers and students to ease their anxiety, and strengthen their confidence and will to beat the outbreak;

8. Highlight responsibilities: to strictly implement the University’s requirements on epidemic prevention and control, and related people shall be held responsible for any holes found in the implementation.