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Tongji University alumni donate to support Wuhan

News Center, Tongji University Alumni Association
February 3, 2020

On January 31, reporters from the University News Center learned from the Alumni Association of Tongji University that with the strong support of Tongji alumni both at home and abroad, as of 12:00am that day, the Tongji University Medical Support Fund had received donations totaling 1,015,793.04 yuan, of which 960,529.04 yuan was of online donations, and 55,264 yuan of bank transfer. A total of 3257 person/times (including group donations) participated in the 2608 donations. A sum of 395,140 yuan had been spent in procurement of 20,000 disinfection tablets, 200,000 disposable medical gloves, and 15,600 face masks.

On January 28, a letter entitled "Time for Action! Tongji people at home and abroad to stand together with people at home to contain the epidemic" was published on the WeChat public account of the Tongji University Alumni Association and received immediate response among Tongji alumni both at home and abroad. The initiative was launched by Tongji University Alumni Association and Tongji University Education Development Foundation, and a Tongji University Medical Support Fund was established. Tongji alumni from all over the world acted promptly and made donations in various ways. Some donated money and others donated materials such as face masks and protective clothing that are currently in short supply in epidemic areas.

"This morning, we received anti-epidemic materials from our German alumni, which have been confirmed suitable for clinical use. This batch of materials will be of great help to us". News arrived on January 30 from Tongji Hospital (Wuhan Tongji Hospital) affiliated to Tongji Medical School of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The hospital had received the first batch of materials, 2,000 sets of medical and biochemical protective clothing, donated by Tongji University German Alumni Association and Huazhong University of Science and Technology German Alumni Association. The German Alumni Associations tried various means to get the protective clothing in the shortest time possible and delivered them to Wuhan Tongji Hospital without any delay. The head of the German Alumni Association of Tongji University said, "Chinese students in Germany and overseas Chinese pay close attention to the coronavirus outbreak at home. We understand that the main difficulty now is supply of materials, especially reliable and high-quality medical supplies. Tongji University and Wuhan Tongji Medical School used to be one family; and now we are united in battling the epidemic in Hubei and the whole country. We are all prepared to seek timely solutions for domestic needs".

Tongji alumni overseas are coordinating closely with the people at home to tide over the difficult time together. In addition to the quick response made by the alumni associations in Germany, alumni associations in Australia, Austria, Canada, Japan, Italy, Norway, Spain and the UK also took action to help people at home. Given the shortage of domestic medical supplies, some overseas alumni associations donated materials in urgent need and shipped them back to China, others provided reliable sources of supply channels overseas. In addition, various alumni associations from both universities and the industry at home also launched an initiative known as “Donate Together” through WeChat public accounts and WeChat groups to call for more alumni to join the anti-epidemic efforts in donating money or materials. The initiative won positive response and strong support from the Tongji alumni associations in Beijing, Dalian, Fujian, Hangzhou, Henan, Jiangxi, Nanjing, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Wuxi, Xi'an, Xinjiang, Yantai, Yunnan, Zhongshan as well as golf, urban construction alumni societies.

The generous donations made by Tongji alumni amid the coronavirus outbreak touched the organizers of the alumni associations. “At this moment, we felt so strongly the inheritance and development of the Tongji spirit”. Some alumni were swift to respond to the initiative, giving their generous help. Mr. HE Wanpeng donated 100,000 yuan to "Tongji - Qiantan Medical Support Fund for Comprehensive Research" under the "Tongji University Medical Support Fund" through the Shanghai Qiantan emerging industry research institute established by him. The couple DU Chenmin and LIU Linyan provided a large number of N95 face masks, disposable surgical masks, gloves, goggles and disinfection tablets which are in short supply. WANG Qi donated 10,000 pairs of medical gloves to Tongji Medical School of Huazhong University of Science and Technology through the University Foundation. An alumnus, who wanted to remain anonymous, bought 100 body temperature guns from America and sent them to the University. Friends and relatives of GAO Jinping, secretary-general of Dalian Alumni Association, made donations together with her family members through the "Tongji University Medical Support Fund". Earlier on, JI Xinhua, GE Yongchang and other alumni had donated a large number of materials including face masks, gloves and protective clothing to the epidemic area through other channels. Even overseas Chinese who are not Tongji alumni also donated to help people at home through the "Tongji University Medical Support Fund".  One of them said, "I am not a Tongji alumnus, but I am a member of the academia. I am grateful to Tongji for providing this fund so that I have a chance to make my contribution".

At present, people with Tongji University Education Development Foundation are busy purchasing materials in need. These materials will be sent to Wuhan as soon as possible to support the medical teams of Tongji hospitals and the hospitals of Tongji Medical School of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

“As the name Tongji suggests, we are on the same boat, rowing together towards the same goal”. “We will stand together in times of difficulty”. “With one heart and one mind, we are committed to helping people and helping the world”! "Come on, Wuhan! Go China!"  Alumni at home and abroad left their messages on the donation platform, expressing their sincere wishes and strong feelings for overcoming difficulties together with the people at home.