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Tongji University launches intensified prevention and control measures of new coronavirus-related pneumonia

Tongji University
January 24, 2020

Further to a meeting held to start the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia prevention and control on January 22, Fang Shouen, Party Secretary of Tongji University, chaired another meeting on January 23 to call for intensified measures of prevention and control of the disease in accordance with law, as was decided at meetings chaired by President XI Jinping and Premier LI Keqiang. All Tongji people must be fully aware of the seriousness of the emergency and take the responsibility of putting the students' and teachers' life, safety and health in the first place, and go all out to take effective measures to curb the disease on campus. XU Jianping, vice party secretary of the University, gave a briefing of a meeting on prevention and control of the novel coronavirus by Shanghai Education and Health Committee to the university leaders, leaders from university administrative offices and schools/colleges and departments.

FANG Shouen asked for close attention and active response to the emergency. The University is to establish a framework for epidemic prevention and control immediately, by which working mechanisms, procedures and contingency plans are established under the leadership of an effective team for emergency. The party secretary and dean of each school/college and department are the first responsible persons for the epidemic prevention work at the school/college and department level. They are responsible for the implementation of specific tasks, including appointing a member of the management team to stay in Shanghai for epidemic prevention and control at the school/college and department during the winter vacation. They should be aware of the health conditions of teachers and students on campus, and keep the latter informed of the prevention and control measures taken by the health authorities at different levels.

Fang Shouen pointed out the importance for leaders of each school/college and department as well as administrative office to be on duty to strictly implement the University on-duty system for winter vacation. They should keep communication smooth and act quickly in response. The University hospitals should be strictly responsible for the practice of first diagnosis, fist reporting and first quarantine. The people concerned should keep track of teachers and students who have been to or travelled to the affected area, and those who have been in contact with people in the affected area, and monitor their health conditions immediately upon their return to the University. Public hygiene administration are to be highlighted in the dormitories, classroom and other public places of the University, including regular ventilation and disinfection; teachers and students are to be advised about proper personal hygiene and preventive measures; activities of scale are to be suspended; no visitors are allowed to stay overnight in the student dormitory; campus securities, the entrance of the University and student dorms in particular, should be enhanced; special attention should be paid to the safety and health of medical students who are at internship with hospitals affiliated to Tongji University.

Tongji University have attached great importance to the novel coronavirus since its outbreak in China. A Tongji University Emergency Leadership Team for Public Health and Safety was established immediately according to the contingency plan for public health and safety of Tongji University, responsible for unified leadership and deployment of the prevention and control measures at the University. Both Party Secretary FANG Shouen and President CHEN Jie serve as the leaders of the Leadership Team, and a vice party secretary and a vice President of the University as the vice leaders.

Tongji University set up and initiated “Tongji University prevention and control plan for new coronavirus-related pneumonia”, and established a “four earliest possible” policy of earliest possible detection, reporting, quarantine and treatment, a three-dimensional online communication system of “a public health monitoring person for each student dorm, community and class, a public health team for each school/college or department, and public health committee for the university”, and a multi-layered information monitoring and reporting system headed by the President’s Office with support from different organizations of the University.  

Since the University started to take the prevention and control measures, immediate response has been taken by the Party Secretary's Office, the President's Office, University hospitals, the Organization Department, the Promotion Department, the Undergraduate and Graduate Students Working Departments, Teachers' Working Department, the Personnel Department, the Securities Office, the Foreign Affairs Office (Hong Kong and Taiwan Affairs Office, Student Affairs Office), the Logistics Group, the Finance Office to track, monitor, report daily, including zero report the health and safety of students and teachers. The University has issued, through WeChat and the University website, guidelines on epidemic prevention and control to enhance the awareness of teachers and students, on the one hand, and to update them with the preventative measures by the University, on the other hand. The University also provided meal vouchers to students from Wuhan and those who cancelled their trips to Wuhan.

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