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“Jack MA of Cambodia”- Tongji Student from Cambodia Establishes an E-commerce Corporation

the International School of Tongji University
January 1, 2020

Before coming to China, Mr. Bun Raksmey was on a Bachelor's program in civil engineering with Institute of Technology of Cambodia. In the second semester of his second year at the university, Bun successfully applied for a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council, and got a chance to study in China. He was registered on a one-year foundation course at Tongji University, learning Chinese, mathematics, physics and chemistry. Bun worked hard and took an active part in extracurricular activities to improve his Chinese. He participated in the First Chinese Competition for Foreign Students of Jiangxi Province and ended up winning the first prize.

In July 2015, Bun founded Camazoon, a multinational procurement agency which was expanded to be a "manufacturer-to-business" supplier in April 2018. Camazoon has provided commodities to hundreds of private companies and small businesses in Cambodia from more than 500 overseas suppliers, focusing on providing procurement solutions to local SMEs. Over the years, it has built up trustworthy credits in the market among Cambodian distributors and retailers.

In January 2019, Camazoon launched Phzar.com, an online shopping platform in Cambodia. Phzar.com and Phzar Mobile App have showcased more than 100,000 products online, covering a wide range of categories, including: electronics, mobile accessories, fashion, bags and shoes, cosmetics, sports and outdoor facilities, health products, and toys.

Because of Bun 's outstanding achievements and great potential in e-commerce, he won the 2019 Best Young Entrepreneur of Cambodia Technology Award and the 2019 Best Performance Award in a Startup Nation Summit.

Can Bun eventually build his business empire like Jack MA from China? Let's wait and see!

Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/bCItIHgSiDufm_dmS6cC6A