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Team of Tongji University Wins the Gold Medal in the 5th China Collegiate Programming Contest Finals

School of Electronics and Information Engineering
December 2, 2019

On November 17, the 5th CCPC (China Collegiate Programming Contest) Finals ended in Communication University of China, Beijing. Th Contest organized by the National Computer Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education attracted more than 7,000 undergraduate students from over 470 colleges and universities in China. After rounds of online selections at provincial and regional levels, 115 teams including teams from universities such as Qinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University and Tongji University, advanced to the finals. The team of Tongji University made up of OUYANG Xiaowei and LIU Yitao of the Year 2016 from computer science, and ZHAO Yixiong of the Year 2017 from software engineering won the gold medal after 5 hours of intense competition under the guidance of teachers YE Chen and ZHU Hongming.

To select team members to represent Tongji University for this year's CCPC, College Student Electronics and Information Innovation Base and Student Innovation Club from School of Electronics and Information Engineering jointly organized a Tongji University Programing Contest and Shanghai College Invitational Tournament. Twenty students distinguished themselves in the Contest and Tournament among over 200 undergraduates from 30 majors in 13 schools of Tongji University and participated in a six-week summer training session. During the training, 15 specialized lectures on algorithms, 20 multi-university online competitions and 5 individual qualifying matches for university teams were organized. Nine undergraduate students of the University from School of Electronics and Information Engineering and School of Software Engineering formed three teams of Tongji and joined the highly competitive competitions before the CCPC Finals and achieved excellent results of two gold medals and one silver medal.

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1003/71727.htm