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Tongji University Launches "the Seedling Program 2.0" to Explore New Models for Connecting University with Middle Schools

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November 28, 2019

On November 18, Tongji University released “the Seedling Program (TSP) 2.0”,  an upgraded version of the University's important initiative to promote a smooth connection between Tongji and middle schools. The Program will make full use of the information platform and focus on the market needs in its development of new programs. Online popular science courses and experimental practice will be introduced for middle school students. Tailored educational plan will be made for the middle schools on TSP. According to it, ideological and moral education will be offered to improve the overall quality of middle school students.  New sustainable models that can be copied will be explored for the smooth integration between the University and middle schools.

The University began its TSP at the end of 2011 in an endeavor to build a platform for middle school students to develop their interest and discover themselves. In this way, they could understand more of the culture and disciplines of the University, and get easier access to the University campuses and professors. According to Professor HUANG Yiru, Dean of Tongji Undergraduate School, "TSP 2.0" will make full use of the information platform and empower the middle school students to “learn anywhere and anytime". He added that "TSP 2.0" will take "arousing interest, triggering innovation and enhancing overall quality" as its core principle and create popular science and experimental practice courses for middle school students. They can choose their favorite courses and do research according to their own interests regardless of time and place restrictions.

According to "TSP 2.0", middle school students who have met the educational objectives of Tongji University will obtain a certificate of completion, and outstanding students will be awarded the title of “excellent student” as a result of evaluation of their learning process, After entering Tongji University, these students will have priority in getting enrolled in the Excellent Talent Cultivation Program and the Top Talent Educational Program for Basic Disciplines. They can also have better chances to start their Master’s degree program immediately after their completing the Bachelor’s programs without taking the entrance exams for Master’s degree candidates.

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