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Dancer HUANG Doudou Presents "Artistic Charm of Chinese Dance"

Art Center of Youth League Committee
November 22, 2019

On the evening of November 7, as part of series of activities known as Classic Art Entering the Campus, famous dancer HUANG Doudou gave a lecture entitled "The Artistic Charm of Chinese Dance" in the 129 Auditorium on Siping Campus. XU Jianping, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, people from Shanghai Art Education Development Evaluation Center, the University Youth League Committee and the University Art Center, attended the lecture together with nearly 500 teachers and students.

Before the lecture, XU communicated with HUANG about the art education at the University. HUANG presented his DVD of "Classes of Doudou's Appreciation of Dancing" to the University, and XU gave Doudou a University souvenir in return.
HUANG interpreted Chinese art on many important occasions with his classic dance on behalf of China as a National First-level Actor, Vice President of Chinese Dancers Association, Artistic Director of the Shanghai Dance Theatre, or Head of Shanghai Media Group Chorus over the years. He talked about his performances and experiences in a humorous way. He cited his "Drunken Drum" at the Spring Festival gala show on China Central Television, his "Chinese Gongfu" at the closing ceremony of Olympic Games at Athens, and his opera "Emperor QIN Shihuang" as examples to share stories behind the scene, which demonstrated the significance of Chinese dance in showcasing the national spirit and spreading the national culture. His vivid presentation relived the artistic charm of Chinese dance, which aroused rounds and rounds of applause among the audience.

"Classic Art Entering the Campus" is intended to take students on tours of masterpiece and classic art appreciation. More activities including national music, symphony and drama will be staged in this semester.