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With AI, Tongji Design Empowers Time-honored Brands at CIIE

November 21, 2019

Time-honored brands of intangible cultural heritage encounter AI. What kind of visual experience will they bring to the audience? In the 4,000-square-meter cultural exhibition hall of "Time-honored Brands and Intangible Cultural Heritage", first of its kind in the China International Import Expo (CIIE), Tongji teachers and students empowered the intangible culture to "act" with the help of AI technology. The AI interaction design in the exhibition hall was the result of successful cooperation between the College of Design and Innovation (CDI) of Tongji University and Donghao Lansheng Group with support from Digital Innovation Center of CDI, Tongji AI Lab of Tezan Design, Gene Research Lab of Asian Lifestyle and Design, Digital Animation and Digital Entertainment Lab, and College of Digital Art of Shanghai University. Professor LOU Yongqi, Dean of CDI, acted as the chief planner of the project, and LIU Wei from the Sound Lab of Tongji University as the project coordinator.

The AI interaction design project team worked closely with Shanghai time-honored brands such as Longfeng Qipao, Jinshan Farmer's Paintings, Qibao Shadow Play, and LI Shoubai Paper-cutting. These brands which have become intangible cultural heritage were enchanted with new energy by modern design thinking and interactive technology. The "action" realized by the intangible cultural heritage not only echoed the contemporary time, but kept the original flavor of the traditional culture. This was a design-driven attempt made by Tongji University to realize the combination of technological innovation and traditional culture. It shed light on the development of Shanghai cultural industry and helped shape the future of the local "Four Brands" that Shanghai is dedicated to building.