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Tongji Hospital Joins Hands with 120 to Build an Intelligent First Aid System

Tongji Hospital
May 27, 2019

On May 18th, the first intelligent ambulance of Shanghai was launched at Tongji Hospital. The intelligent first aid system for integrated emergency treatment before and after arriving at hospital was jointly established by Shanghai Tongji Hospital and Shanghai Emergency Medical Center. A rescue drill was practised in the ambulance equipped with out-of-hospital intelligent emergency system which transported a simulated patient to a hospital.

According to Mr. TONG Liming, Director of Tongji Hospital, the intelligent first aid system will safeguard the safety and save the life of 4 million people in the north western part of Shanghai. Tongji Hospital was the first to implement emergency information notification system before arriving at hospital for a smooth integration with information after arriving at the hospital. In the future, the information notification system will be further expanded to all hospitals in Shanghai to ensure an efficient and effective emergency first aid system in Shanghai.