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Tongji University Organizes Qingming Activities for Traditional Culture Education

As Qingming, one of the 24 solar terms in Chinese calendar, approached, Tongji University organized a series of 24-solar-term activities for traditional culture education on the afternoon of April 2nd,2019. Hundreds of students signed up online to experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture through listening, watching and tasting at two venues of Siping Campus and Jiading Campus.

WU Guangming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Tongji University, attended the activities and delivered a speech. According to Wu, the 24-solar-term educational activities marked a new attempt for traditional culture education at Tongji University from food culture which combined in-class activities with after-class ones and would further promote the all-round education at the university.

ZHU Chongzhi, Deputy Dean of the School of Humanities, explained the significances of Qingming from its origin, development and narration with interested students in his lecture on Qingming and its Stories in Classical Chinese Literature.

Chefs from Tongji University Logistics Group showed the process of making Tongji-flavored qingtuan, a traditional Chinese green dumpling for Qingming, which had become very popular among students. Meanwhile, presentations of Guqin, a traditional Chinese musical instrument and of Han Clothing impressed students with the unique beauty of Chinese traditional culture. When it came to experiencing the art of tea, a tea master demonstrated and taught skills of making tea and manners of drinking tea in Song Dynasty.