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First Academic Carnival by Tongji College

On March 29th, the first academic carnival was held by Tongji College to promote different degree programs to undergraduate students of Tongji University through bullet boards, new media display and professional equipment. Postgraduate students, teachers as well as deans from different schools related to the College attended the carnival and answered enquires from the freshmen who were to choose their academic program soon.

"I want to study aircraft design, but I don't know what the future holds for this major". "I am studying general civil engineering. What subjects shall I learn If I take your program"? "I'm interested in geophysics, but I don't know whether to do research or engineering in the future". The reporter saw at the carnival that each booth was packed with students, some of whom even brought their parents along.

Since the establishment of Tongji College last year, Tongji University has offered general education to more than 500 freshmen, including 11 introductory courses, extra-curricular capacity building and overseas study tours. Students have enhanced their understandings of different majors after spending a semester at the college. They told reporter that the academic carnival was helpful for them to know more about the programs of their interest.

The carnival was composed of four sections of Program Display, Program Presentations, Laboratory Open Day and Program Demonstration Online which fully illustrated the 11 programs at the College. An official website of the Tongji College and an evaluation system of the students at the college were launched at the opening ceremony of the carnival.