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Former WHO Senior Diplomat SONG Yunfu Lectures on International Organizations at Tongji University

From March 18th to 19th, SONG Yunfu, former senior diplomat of World Health Organization and former director of Department of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, China, delivered lectures on international organizations at Tongji University at the invitation of the School of Foreign Languages.

The first lecture entitled Devotion to International Organization and Participation in Global Governance aroused intense interest in students who packed in the lecture hall to its full. Along the lines of “why to be an international civil servant”, ”what is an international civil servant” and “how to cultivate the necessary qualities", SONG pointed out China's irreplaceable importance in global governance with examples from his own experience. He explained the selection process, work content, and code of conduct for international civil servants and encouraged students to apply for internships in international organizations.

In the second lecture about “China and International Organizations”, SONG gave an introduction of international organizations and took WHO as an example as an illustration of the structure and achievements of the international organization. He also reviewed the history of China's participation in international organizations and detailed the change of China’s status on the world stage since the founding of New China.

SONG answered questions from the students at the end of lectures. Regarding the selection of people for international organizations, he told students to understand more of the working mechanism of international organizations, to further improve their academic knowledge and language skills, and to demonstrate their qualities that meet the requirements of international organizations in the personnel selection.