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Five Teachers from Tongji University Invited as Rural Planners with Caojing Town, Jinshan District

College of Architecture and Ur
March 6, 2019

The Municipal People's Government of Caojing Town, Jinshan District signed a three-year cooperation agreement with the rural planning consulting team of College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP), Tongji University weeks ago. Professor PENG Zhenwei, secretary of the CPC Committee of CAUP, will lead an interdisciplinary team of experts to provide consulting service for the rural revitalization of Caojing Town, which is represented by the construction of "Model Village for Rural Revitalization of Shuiku Viallge". They will work together to explore the road of rural revitalization of Shanghai's international metropolis.

Rural Planner Cooperation Agreement of Caojing Town, Jinshan District is the first rural planner agreement in Shanghai. The service team composed of experts from CAUP, Tongji University is also the first rural planner team in Shanghai. Based on the rural features of Caojing Town, the team will participate in the planning and project design, provide planning and design advice, offer on-site planning and consulting service, and make integrated design for village space, style, ecology, infrastructure, public service, cultural and industrial plan to improve rural production, life and ecology for sustainable development.