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Professor of Tongji Won Southern People Weekly’s 2018 Charming Chinese Award

The 2018 Charming Chinese grand ceremony organized by the Southern People Weekly, was held in Beijing on Dec. 1. Professor SUN Zhouxing from the School of Humanities, Tongji University won 2018 Charming Chinese Award together with 11 other people.

The Charming Chinese grand ceremony has been held for 14 years since 2005. The Charming Chinese were selected from various fields including academics, literature, art, science, film and TV, sports and commerce. The selection was made based on their current influence as well as their social responsibility for moral values, which are to stand the test of history both at spiritual and physical levels.

Here goes the organizer’s comment for Professor SUN. “Eventually, we have complete works for research on Heidegger’s philosophy in Chinese thanks to the publication of the Chinese version of the Complete Works of Heidegger (Heidegger Gesamtausgabe) in 30 volumes in June this year. SUN Zhouxing, the editor-in-chief, made great contributions as a result of his six-year hard work. SUNs unique style of translation of Heidegger's philosophy has profoundly influenced the Chinese academic community since 1990s. Instead of stopping there, SUN turned to study Nietzsche along the line of phenomenology for exploration of the unknown century in philosophy for art and for technology. He safeguarded academic freedom with rules, defended academic dignity with action, and created precious spiritual wealth of this era inside the ivory tower”.