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Tongji Students Win Special Prize in National Steel Construction Innovation Competition for College Students

The final of Jinxi Cup National Steel Construction Innovation Competition for College Students (NSSICCS) 2018 organized by China Steel Construction Society (CSCS) was held in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in November. The entry of Residence for Everywhere by Tongji students supervised by WANG Yanbo, CHEN Yu and LI Guoqiangthree teachers from College of Civil Engineering won the Special Prize of the competition.

NSSICCS organized by CSCS is a high-level national competition in the field of steel construction. The theme of this year’s competition was Building a Dormitory for Yourself. Contestants were expected to design and build prefabricated steel construction buildings for college student dormitory with the concept of “prefabricated, sustainable and environment-friendly”.

CHEN Honglei, ZHAO Wei and LU Yujia from College of Civil Engineering and CHENG Dongwei, LUO Yu and ZHANG Linling from College of Architecture and Urban Planning formed a Tongji team of six students. Guided by the idea of “a harbor for students from different places and a residence for students to go all around ", they designed an dormitory by introducing such techniques as modular construction, multi-tier public space, bifunctional shear connector and energy dissipation corrugated steel wall. They submitted their entry Residence for Everywhere in early September after more than two months of planning and design since July.

A total of 14 entries entered the final as a result of secret ballot by a panel from CSCS. In the final, contestants displayed for their entry the architectural design, structural design, retaining structurematerials and innovation, and answered questions from the panel. Finally, Residence Everywhere was awarded the only Special Prize of the competition out of top three entries following another round of secret ballot.