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Tongji Students Win First Prize in 2018 Shanghai College Students “Maker” Competition

On December 3th, 2018 Shanghai College Students “Maker” Competition concluded at College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University. The four-day event was organized by Shanghai Education Committee and hosted by Tongji University.

A total of 20 prizes were set for the competition, including one first prize, three second prizes, six third prizes and ten enterprise prizes. Five projects from Tongji University won prizes, among which Physical Display of Interactive Device System was awarded the first prize, Customized Furniture Knitting a  third prize, and three enterprise prizes went to Eyewin Interactive Air Detector for Visually Impaired Persons, A Low-Cost Low-Temperature Dry Hair Device and Freshness Recording Device for Refrigerator.

On the basis of experience of previous years, the competition, the third of its kind in 2018,  continued its theme on Creating the Future and New Life in an exploration of further expanding the communication between undergraduate and postgraduate students with different academic backgrounds and promoting academic exchanges among students in Shanghai.

The competition attracted 346 students from 27 universities and colleges in Shanghai who submitted a total 76 projects from September 19th to November 20th, marking an increase in the number of teams and participants in comparison with those of last year. After preliminary selection, 134 contestants from 17 universities in 32 teams entered the fierce off-line competition.

The First Prize

Physical Display of Interactive Device System

As a consumer picks up a real product, its movement will be synchronized in a virtual 3D model shown on a screen nearby. When it is moved to a certain side, e.g. front, side or bottom, information corresponding to that side, e.g.  its internal structure, features, technical details and design concept will be displayed on the screen to help the consumer better understand the product. Through the intuitive, natural and interactive hi-tech mode, the system will help small and medium-sized retail stores better showcase their products and increase sales, which in turn may help prepare them for transformation to the new retail business in a more convenient and cost-efficient way.