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Activities Preview: "The Stories Between Tongji University and Germany Duringa Century"

Library Information Service, Tongji University
September 29, 2020


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The cultural and educational exchange between China and Germany has a long history. As early as the end of the 19th century, the Chinese and German governmentshad initiatedcultural communications between each other. Tongji University, formerly known as Deutsche MedizinschulefürChinesen in Shanghai, was founded in 1907 andis the product of the many exchanges between China and Germany from the late 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. It was founded by Erich Paulun, a doctor from Germany, with the support of the Chinese and German governments and many other parts of society at that time.Since its inception, Tongji University has actively carried out Sino-German cooperations and maintainedclose ties with Germany.

As Freshmen just enrolled forthe Fall Semester, Deutsche Bibliothek of Tongji University will launch a series of activities themed on "The Stories Between Tongji University and Germany During a Century." The activities will be held in various forms, such as online exhibitions, online lectures, and interactive salons. The teachers and students will be provided with chances to know the profound history of the cultural exchanges between Tongji University and Germany, as well as the stories happened when the alumni and teachers of Tongji University cooperated and communicated over the past century. Through this way, the core spirit implied by the motto "We are one for one goal" could be highlighted. 


Work Together for a Better Future of China and GermanyCooperation and Exchange between Tongji University and Germany (September 29




Brief Introduction

September 29

The Early History of Tongji University and Its   Relationship with Germany

Formore than 40 years (1907 to 1950), modern-day   Germany had a profound influence on the Chinese culture. The early history of   Tongji University was related closely to the development of cultural   exchanges and international relations between China and Germany. Tongji   University has promoted the spread of the German culture and technology in   China, also serving as an important platform for China's cultural exchanges   with Germany.

October 13

The Institutions with Close Ties to Germany atTongji   University

After the resumption of cooperation and exchanges   with Germany in 1978, Tongji University established many institutions that   have strong affiliations with Germany. After the establishment of the CDHK in   2012, through more communications and cooperation, the influence of   cooperative activities between Tongji University and Germany has been   expanded and the prestige of Tongji University has also been raised.

October 20

Informal Discussion of the German History

CHEN Qiang, Associate Researcher with the Doctor’s   Degree in History of the Institute of German Studies, Tongji University, will   select representative events and key periods in German history as examples in   discussing their influence on the development of German history and their   significance in the world development.


October 27

German Scholars atTongji University

Professor Thomas Zimmer, Distinguished Professor   of Tongji University, Researcher of   Chinesisch-DeutscherGesellschaftlich-KultruellerAustausch and also a German   sinologist,will introduce the tradition and current situation of Sinology in   Germany as well as his teaching, research experience, and feelings atTongji   University.

October 30

Alumni of Tongji University in Germany

In the history of the cooperation and exchange   between Tongji University and Germany, the Tongji University alumnaehave   played an important role in promoting Tongji University's scientific andindustrial   research and developments, innovation and entrepreneurship, and cultural   exchanges with Germany. Especially during the pandemic, the alumni in Germany   rushed back to China to fight againstCOVID-19 and have built a collaborative bridge between China and Germany for future contributions.

Note: The specific content of activities will be updated. Read the news and posters for more information.

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