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Arrangements of Tongji University for Fall Semester 2020-2021

The University News Center
August 31, 2020

Tongji Universityhas made the following arrangements for the Fall Semester of Academic Year 2020-2021,with pandemic prevention and control in place, in alignment with the Ministry of Education and Shanghai authorities.

I. Registration for the new semester

New students of the yearof 2020 shall completethe registrationfrom September 6 – 7while students of previousyearsshallcomplete the registrationfrom September 12 - 13. Starting September 14, all students shall attend classes offline.

New students shallcomplete the formalitiesat the designated place following the Registration Instructions for Students of the Year2020.Students in other yearsshall complete the registration and returning application, as notified by their college or school and arriveat the designated campus to handle the returning procedures according to the university’s safety management requirements.Arrangements for the students withthe International School and College of Continuing Education will be announced separately,based on the pandemic prevention and control requirements and actual conditions.

II. Requirements for returning to school

Teachers, students, and staff members must comply with Shanghai’s pandemic prevention and control requirements before returning to school, and must implement the university’s pandemic prevention and control measures upon arrival.

(i) Specific returning requirements for teachers and students

1. All students shall return to school in strict accordance with the timespecified. In principle, they shall not return to school in advance. If they need to return to school early due to special circumstances, the application must be approved by their school.

2. Students from provinces, direct-administered municipalities (municipalities under the direct administration of central government), and autonomous regions that have low risks of infection of COVID-19 in China can enter their school with the green “Shanghai QR Code” and “Tongji Return Code.”

3. Students from prefecture-level cities with the medium- or high-risk of COVID-19 infection shall not return to their school for the time being, and arrangements based on the pandemic risk evaluation in those areas will be announced.

4. Students from provinces, direct-administered municipalities, or autonomous regions other than prefecture-level cities with medium- or high-risk of COVID-19 infection undergo nucleic acid and antibody tests (IgG and IgM) on their own after arriving to Shanghai or apply to their school for testing in advance. The test results shall be negative before they canenter the university.

5. Students from overseas shall not return to their school, temporarily. If students have entered China recently, they shall report to the universityon time, and enter their school in strict accordance with the university’s pandemic prevention and control requirements under their school’sguidance..

6. If the student or any of his/her family members living together has a confirmed case, positive nucleic acid test, suspected case, or have close contact, and is undergoing treatment or centralized medical observation, he/she shall not arrange for registration until one month after rehabilitation and the nucleic acid test is negative, he/she may apply to return. Those students who have recovered and have been removed from centralized- or home-based medical observationmustundergo the nucleic acid and antibody tests by on their own after arriving in Shanghai, or apply in to their school for testing in advance. The tests result shall be negative before entering the university.

7. All teachers and staff members shall make preparations in advance and make reasonable arrangements under the requirements of the Notice on the Arrangement of Teachers and StaffReturning to the University for the Fall Semester, to ensure the orderly operation of all work after their school’s reopening.

(ii) Requirements on the way back to school

1. All teachers, staff members, and students (including students of the Year 2020) shall do well in their self-health management,and must completeand report their accurate health information daily.For14 days before returning to school, they shall try to stay home, not congregate, and stay away fromhigh-risk areas with high flows of people.On their way back to school, they shall prepare a sufficient amount of personal protective equipment (such as masks and alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR)), and wear their mask continuously throughout the trip.

2. All teachers, students, and staff members shall minimize their interactions with other people on public transportation, avoid gathering, and keep a safe distance from the passengers as much as possible.They shall try to avoid touching public items, such as door handles, elevator buttons, and etc., and wash their hands sufficiently or wipe and clean their hands with ABHRafter contact.

3. If suffering symptoms, such as fever, dry cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, or sore throat should occur on their way to school, they shall seek medical treatment as soon as possible. For example, if they are using public transportation, they shall take the initiative to cooperate with the attendants for health monitoring, pandemic prevention and management, and report their situation to the universitypromptly.

The university will adjust its safety management requirements for theirentry to the university, according to the pandemic prevention and control requirements of the state and Shanghai.All departments shall follow the relevant requirements strictly to inform every student and faculty member of any requirements. Besides, teachers, students, and staff members shall pay attention to the relevant notices published on the university official website in time.

Source: https://news.tongji.edu.cn/info/1008/74730.htm